1. Maybe they lost the key's to those lock's or fired someone who had the key's. Either way, love y'alls videos!!!

  2. Or you can show any more update videos I love to do what y'all do but I'm so scared what should I do

  3. So wasteful why can they not just set it aside for someone to take or donate it. Why ruin it and fill up the landfill that alot of times ends up other places poluting the earth

  4. New subscriber here 😁
    honestly wanna go there and dumpster dive like you two cause I seriously think its cool 😍
    watching from the Philippines

  5. Please wear gloves and tear the bags you know what you will find and do have grabbers I have watched other dumpster divers and they do some of I'm telling you about again rip the bags open

  6. Awesome video as always! And just wanted to let you know the palette you found that was missing the top is the Urban Decay born to run palette! It’s a beautiful eyeshadow palette!

  7. Nicole I have found some amazing makeup thrown away. Always dig because stuff falls to the bottom. Don’t forget to grab gift cards because I’m finding balances on them.

  8. Thank you SO much for being such a 'clean' channel. Our 9 year old loves your videos. You were so quick with that note in the beginning of the video (the one on the busted table). It's so appreciated. The adults understood, but my son didnt even catch what was going on. Thank you so much for such quality, kid friendly, videos.

  9. Hello guys! I'm from Rio-Brazil and I love and get scared with too much good things that the stores throw away. It'll be a dream have some of these makeup.

  10. It's hard for me to watch you two because I don't want y'all to get cut on the glass PLEASE wear thick gloves please .

  11. That palette is actually the Born to Run palette from Urban Decay…Anastasia palettes don’t look like that

  12. I think they broke the legs off then jumped on it at an angle til it broke ,wouldn“t be surprised if it was teenagers or younger men who worked for them. And thought it was fun .

  13. Love watching your videos. The stores you go to, are they connected to other stores? If yes, how do you know what dumpster it is? Cant wait for more, you give me hope when i go

  14. Lv ur channel guys pls ware some gloves when ur diving in the dumpster I don't want u get cut and hurt

  15. I love these videos, but I don't love the lack of audio leveling. Please turn down the music at the beginning and end. It's too loud.

  16. Next time they leave a knob drawing you should draw a jockey next to it because in the uk 🇬🇧 we call people knob jockeys as an insult. xXx

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