This is the 5th Estate WINNING HEADLINES, YOUR Media Police Post. In this SEGMENT we analyze some of the country’s newspaper headlines that you might …


  1. Just wondered? Did you note the color connection between Joho's short and the Wakali's shirt in the winning cartoon?

  2. I Say 2day's Winning Headlines Was Exciting, Entertaining, Funny & Great As I Say That Daily Nation Deserved The Winning Headline While Victor Ndula Deserved The Winning Kaa-Toon Cartoon As I Say That 2J & Miss K. Look Veryyyyyyy Beautiful, Awesomely Cute and Charmingly Hot While 2M Is Charismatic, Great & Funny As I Say That Book of How 2 Make Friends & Influence People By Dale Carnegie Is a Great, Good Book As I Say That The Problem of the Book Is Telling People How 2 Live Their Lives Instead of Letting People Enjoying Njoying Joying Their Lives As I Say God Bless Yu Fifth Estate So Much.

  3. 2M you are the real deal in this program why lie, when not around we miss him, especially on final thought ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ , however I also love other hosts they complete the program.

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