This is the 5th Estate WINNING HEADLINES, YOUR Media Police Post. In this SEGMENT we analyze some of the country’s newspaper headlines that you might …


  1. Just wondered? Did you note the color connection between Joho's short and the Wakali's shirt in the winning cartoon?

  2. I Say 2day's Winning Headlines Was Exciting, Entertaining, Funny & Great As I Say That Daily Nation Deserved The Winning Headline While Victor Ndula Deserved The Winning Kaa-Toon Cartoon As I Say That 2J & Miss K. Look Veryyyyyyy Beautiful, Awesomely Cute and Charmingly Hot While 2M Is Charismatic, Great & Funny As I Say That Book of How 2 Make Friends & Influence People By Dale Carnegie Is a Great, Good Book As I Say That The Problem of the Book Is Telling People How 2 Live Their Lives Instead of Letting People Enjoying Njoying Joying Their Lives As I Say God Bless Yu Fifth Estate So Much.

  3. 2M you are the real deal in this program why lie, when not around we miss him, especially on final thought 😀😀 , however I also love other hosts they complete the program.

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