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  1. Your video "Marijuana in Southern Oregon- GROWING PAINS" is extremely misleading. It uses false number estimates, that portrays growers very negatively. Im focusing on how you estimated a harvest of 4 POUNDS of flower per marijuana plant, not otnly is 4 lbs. a completely overestimate, you specified that it was a "conservative number" imply most growers harvest MORE than 4 lbs. Per plant. This misinformation is absolutely absurd, and being that it seems to be coming from a well polished Youtube Channel with government officials constantly on the show, is VERY disappointing and is clearly propaganda. This weights could only be possible if you weigh the buds while still fresh, containing over 70% WATER weight, an inaccurate, very poor way to judge the final harvest of a Cannabis plant. I hope to see some form of editing or annotations to clear this up.

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