TWB January 2019 Unboxing

Use Coupon Code PhrankieC87 at for a discount off your whole subscription! This is the $20 Box Let me know what you think of this box …


  1. PhrankieC, I believe you dropped your stuff 477,777,777 times.

    (then again, I got this calculator back '62 so ^that number's an estimate)

  2. Did you need a signature for this pal? I’m going on vacation this week when it’s due to arrive. Or do they leave it in your mailbox

  3. Did u know the white airhead is a mixture of all the excess flavours at the end of the production line, so the flavour ratio differs from one to the next

  4. I just wanna say that you're hilarious to watch, but my only complaint is that you didn't take a super satisfying bite of the airheads.

  5. Hey Phrankie im a new subscriber and i absolutley love the videos. Wanting to get a subscription myself but im not sure which one to get. Thanks for the videos!

  6. As usual, Princess Phrankie gets his stuff first! 🤣🤣. Great post. Have a Happy 2019, fool. 😃

  7. Nice 7pipe brother.. I like mine the only thing is you only get one green hit out of it the rest of it's sticky..😋

  8. Hey dued can u shout me out me please tomarrow is my birthday and it would be a honor if u can wish me a happy birthday well okay dued thats all bye

  9. I am late to the party. I have been having health issues. Found out it is my gallbladder .so surgery next week👀👀😳. Really good box for $20. TWB rocks…✖❌✖

  10. You should do a video where you price off everything and see how much the box is really worth thatll be neat

  11. I've never used a glass blunt before, but lol funny shit there hulk, don't gotta smash the dube tube dude 🤣 I like it not bad for $20 bucks awesome vid as always phrankiec87!

  12. Unleash the fury! What did that little doobie tubie do to ya, Phrankie? Poor thing now has to go live on the Island of Misfit Stoner Toys.

  13. In some videos you sound like a normal human being then in other videos you sound like PhrankieC 87

  14. That's sum funny stuff. Calm down incredible hulk. Tone it down to 2 push ups a day. Lol. I had to rewind the video jus to see you pop the doobie tube.

  15. I don’t understand why the high hemp wraps have cbd like cbd cancels out the effect of thc so ig its to cancel out the slow burning effect of blunts that’s supposed to get I higher

  16. 😄 you went from struggling with the doobie tubie to popping the whole top off! I watch all your unboxings and I was cracking up when I saw this.
    & the sticker on the lighter can go fuck itself they're usually pretty easy to get off.

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