1. This is what a progressive candidate should be, and one that a conservative (like me) could vote for. Would also make a killer Secretary of State

  2. You won't find a better candidate whose core value is for all Americans. It's a rare thing to see in politics, like a unicorn. lol When you realize WHY they don't cover her as much and why she isn't at the top of the lists or mentioned in polls then you then know that she is the one they are scared off as she wants to break the chains the U.S govt is finding itself in and therefore needs to change. Not just a better future for Americans but for the world(since you are the superpower of the world). So the whole world is invested in HOPING that the citizens choose the RIGHT person for the job and that would most def be her. Hands down. No contest.

  3. Last night I came up with a good one.. Jimmy! "Quit Biden your time with corporatists!" 😁 make it a thing!!

  4. She's the "real deal " like Sorkin's The West Wing. At 59 I've never had a President I could really support Obama totally betrayed real progressives.

  5. The cannabinoids in marijuana assist communication between cells. Cancer is the breakdown of cellular communication. The medical, social, political , and military mainstream are all about breaking communication and killing anything they have difficulty with rather than creating bridges to that individual, social group, or country can find a way to cooperate and work for the overall.

  6. For the 2020 election I think a major issue needed to be talked about is marijuana legalization on a federal level. And not only legalization, decriminalization. Let’s bring it back to Harry Anslinger. The Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics from 1930 to 1962. The racist bastard was worried about white teens being seduced by blacks and Mexicans in the country. He spread propaganda that Marijuana caused murderous tendency and started the “reefer madness” craze. He lied and put it out on newspapers all around the country. Back then no scientists knew about the plant. Back then there was no internet or any other device connecting the 50 states besides newspapers. No one knew that marijuana is harmless and hopped on the bandwagon that marijuana should be illegalized. Now we live in a country that has a plant illegalized based off racist ideals and no facts that it is harmful. Tell me one reason why marijuana should be scheduled as a schedule 1 narcotic. Can’t? Exactly. Federal legalization 2020💯💯

  7. Everyone that wants change can make it with a donation as little as 1$. Tulsi’s campaign is funded solely with the citizens of America’s donations. The government can try to ignore her for their own political gain but big corporate is in trouble with this lady in the election
    Tulsi 2020

  8. No, stop that! Every time you guys speak out against opioids people like me who are allergic to pot, are disabled with horrific daily pain, have a harder and harder time getting our meds because between you and the fed they're scared for their licenses! MILLIONS of pain sufferers have been forced into reductions or cut off entirely from the meds that allow them to function! Fortunately my doctor wants me functioning, but it took 8 doctors to find one who cares enough and almost a year of me bedridden a lot of the time.

    I love the idea of legalizing pot, but stop using us as a weapon to make it happen.

    It's not just veterans killing themselves, since this war on opioids suicides related to suffering from chronic pain have skyrocketed…

  9. She Reminds Me Of Barack Obama. Says All The Right Things, But Will She Deliver On All Her Wonderful Common Sense Policies. Sorry, But After Obama (Whom I Supported When First Elected) I Have Trust Issues.

  10. Buying a Tulsi 2020 T-Shirt. Conversation piece. Buying a Jimmy Dore T-Shirt. Making a magnet pointing to her YouTube channel for those who don't go onto YouTube. Writing out her resume/CV and cover letter for Commander in Chief position and passing it around.

  11. Why can't she just simply answer the question. Why is she bypassing it. Why doesn't she say,no association with RSS Or if she thinks so, the RSS is a good organisation with a peaceful history and doesn't have a fascist ideology

  12. Tulsi has my vote. Trump is an Israeli first, America last president, Neo-CON warmonger who promotes the violation of the First Amendment who can't even stop illegal immigration. Hopefully, Tulsi won't get a Kosher brain transplant as all presidents since JFK was murdered.

  13. Very good but can we please call it Cannabis. Also the main political opposition to legalising Cannabis are paid to do so by Big Pharma. They can't patent a natural molecule, hence the attempts to make synthetic cannabis, and to have a natural medicine that helps so many conditions and illnesses means less sales of pills for them.

  14. The only person I would vote for on the Democratic side. If the Dems think I’m going to vote for Biden, a lesser of two evils situation again, they are sadly mistaken. I’ll probably vote for Trump just to piss the Democrats off for trotting out an establishment candidate once again.

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