1. there is a petition to repeal Gavin Newsom from California governor… PLEASE SIGN!!! We did it in 2003, lets do it in 2019!

  2. AH, the END result of the game of MONOPOLY!! The winners are the rich, and the losers end up bankrupt, poor and homeless… Good ole Greedy Capitalism

  3. Homeless dude, Eric Nelson = I haven't seen my family since I was 16. Interviewer = How old are you now? Eric = 17½.

  4. How can you have a homeless tent City when a in the 90s i was there and at pack market downtown you can't sit down on the sidewalk and now this

  5. I was born and raised 15 minutes from Seattle and currently work in the city. The homelessness has become unbearable and not getting any better. The tent's are everywhere in Seattle, you don't have to go underneath the freeway to see them. A customer of mine who is a friend owned a restaurant and had a guy who set up his tent literally in front of his front entrance. He's given this homeless guy free food and even some money before to help out as the man has squatted nearby for quite some time but never right in front of his door. When the homeless man was asked to move he flipped out and made a big scene so my friend left it alone and went back in his restaurant. That was until the man started urinating all over the windows of his front entrance. Reluctantly he called the police, who never showed up. The next day when he came to work to open he found a cardboard cutout swastika taped to the window of his restaurant. Not only are the homeless of Seattle a dirty, drugged up eye sore, but also incredibly entitled. I absolutely hate every trip I make to Seattle, there's nothing about the city that I like.

    Last note here. The strung out people shown in this video are everywhere, these aren't some selective clips to make things seem worse than they are. Daily I get to see people screaming at themselves or strung out, passed out on the street. The city is a disgrace and people are flocking to live in the literal sh!thole Seattle has become.

  6. This is due the the Democrats & the Deep State control, target the uneducated who feel desperate & in fear, easier to control & get rid of. They just make drugs available to downsize the population. In LA 99% of the homeless are African-Americans, something is very wrong with this picture.

  7. News flash: many of the West's homeless come from conservative parts of the country. They come for 3 primary reasons: favorable weather, perceived tolerance in liberal cities, and actual intolerance back home. Why do I say that? Well, because I'm a cyclist and the homeless like to camp out on our best greenbelts and bikeways. I've actually stopped and talked with many of these people. This situation really sucks. It's not fun to bike past unstable, drug addicted, potentially violent people, with syringes strewn about. 🙁 So, instead of pointing fingers at "those liberals", how about we all working to root cause and then fix the problem of homelessness? We can't simply arrest our way out of this …

  8. You didn't mention how many are men, same with addictions, suicides, mental health issues.. If it was women in this state it would be on the news daily….

  9. Let these drunks and drug addict bums suffer!!! It's their fault that they don't want to be successful and independent with their lives!!! They make up these fake stories of their lives wanting you to feel sorry for them!!! They will even taking their lies to their grave!!! They are brainwashed into their own world thinking jobs and money is supposed to come to them!!! I don't feel sorry for them!!! If illegal immigrants can come to this country broke and live a successful life so can these lazy fucks on the streets!!! They should all be dropped off on a remote island!!! They will probably end up cannibals eating off of other homeless people's dead bodies!!!

  10. Some of these folks choose to not be slaves to the machine, and I don’t blame them. Would you want to work for someone who sold your soul to England?

  11. It might look cruel but the best thing to help someone is to make them take responsibility for their own actions. I was sentenced to 60 days in jail by a republican judge about a decade ago and he helped me more than I could have ever imagined. I ended up sending him a letter thanking him for helping me and actually got to meet him. It took me years to realize it.

  12. I truly believe that mental illness has a great deal to do with addiction and homelessness. Almost every family has mental illness somewhere in their DNA. When stress enters their lives thru divorce, joblessness, losing their homes, parents not being parents, losing a child, etc. etc. An individual who goes thru enormous stresses of life, can become mentally ill. I pray that our citizens and government can quit neglecting the homeless and that the wall of shame for mental illness will come down. I’ve heard horrible stories of psychiatrists at VA hospitals, and the way they treat our veterans. They should be fired. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. What's amazing is every city that has a problem like this is run by a Democrat mayor….Seattle, new York, Austin,San Francisco ,LA and the list is growing..
    Great leadership..LOL

  14. I dont feel bad for that guy tho. You didn't see eye to eye. U could of waited 2 more years. Get a job nd move on. Nope…

  15. Housing deprivation is what's making real estate investors wealthier. They created a shortage of housing for the exploding and increasingly poorer population, then keep raising the rents on available housing, using the scarcity as an excuse to raise the rents. What makes the rich richer makes the former middle class homeless.

  16. come visit the people's republic of freeattle. our plan is to tax everyone 75% so we can create more homeless drug addicts from the people who lose everything because we are going to tax them right out into the street . once they get there we will make the rest of america pay for all the programs and stuff we use to keep them there.

  17. So, THIS is the GREATEST Nation in the WORLD, where everybody want to go… where all dreams come true? THANK GOD I'm born in Holland, not for a million € I would ever cross the ocean to even visit the USA!!

  18. It's the best place to live with a drug addiction. But why are they drug addicts? Mental health issues? There used to be state run hospitals for these people. Another cause for drug use could be giving up on life. When your addicted to meth, heroin, or booze you don't care about anything except the next buzz. Been there done that. It's hard not to go back, even after 13 years. Minimum wage job in your 40's sucks really bad as well. Sometimes being smart isn't enough unless you want to sell your soul. Lie, cheat, and steal your way up the ladder. I'd rather be poor with a clear conscience. Being poor isn't so bad. Doing it sober is the hard part.

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