Trainwreck Marijuana Monday

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  1. So my husband grew some of ur zombie kush and we would love to send u a sample so u can tell us if it is anything like urs

  2. Marijuana in twenty years is going to be even stronger lmao it can only get better am I wrong. Before you know it it's gonna be so fucking good you'll have to sell it to aliens and shit

  3. Dear Remo,

    I truly believe that the future of weed nutes is organic.

    Buds that I bought from dispensary lately taste like they have pesticides in them. In the bud I bought, the smell test revealed that it smelled like cut lawn.

    It's gotta be the only way. Imagine it, Trainwreck that is grown to full maturity, the taste spectrum has got to be magnificent.

    Remo, please consider an organic line of products.

  4. Homes & yoyo i lol wtf. Who the fuck came up with that idea. I'll have what hes smoking. The acting lol. Thank you for that Remo!

  5. keep the good 70's cutaways coming.
    i need to see what its like to laugh at shit while being stoned in the 70-80s

  6. Oooo some trainwreck! Def a fave! And that nug looked super nooice. Rock on! Keep up the show! Smoke it up!

  7. remo miss seeing the magic your puttin down these days if possible throw down a grow show one of these episodes

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