1. Your control group is in another video, and the parameters of the tests are different. It would help your case if you had a control run done on the same day, or a day with the same conditions (temperature, humidity, diet, etc). These tests are interesting, but not very scientific.

  2. What the fuck is wrong with this generation of people. This video isn't even exciting and the girl has small boobs which we don't even see. Just a bunch of ugly feminist degenerates running around on drugs being boring. How fucking stupid.

  3. Lmao this kinda answers my own questions about what I do at work. And the two specific substances too lol hahaha, this was great

  4. I would rather watch this than Joe Rogan ranting about how crazy the world is , ANYDAY of the week. Plz make more

  5. Dude that was actually awesome. Are you going to do any other tests other than fitness? Or maybe higher dosages but a safer and more private space?
    Oh! Id also love to see how you do an LSD! From personal experience its easier to do things you are accustomed to but I'd love to see it tested.

  6. I'd like to see this repeated with DXM (only like ~200mg though). Moving on DXM makes it feel like you're traveling though spacetime.

  7. You seem to be athletically active, yet you don't look athletic. I guess you do primarily aerobic exercises. Gotta do some muscle training too :). e.g., push-ups, weightlifting, sit-ups, etc.

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