TOP SECRET: State’s first medicinal cannabis growing and testing centre

In a covert, country location – inside what looks like a jail we can show you a closely guarded secret. A state-of-the-art greenhouse growing small narcotic plants, …


  1. If anyone in Adelaide can put me in touch with someone, I could really use some "medicine". Hit me up.

  2. Lmao the 'top govt scientists' are watching youtube videos on how to grow weed. They're an absolute joke and obviously have no idea how to grow.

  3. And if they had real people growing it instead of scientists who believe they know what they are doing it would probably work a lot quicker and more efficient

  4. Why would crims bother stealing this pathetic little grow. It really is funny just how lame this whole story is . Plenty of people out there that know 100 times more about growing pot, but they won't give them a job. Just legalize it and we can grow our own medicine and the government can do what they want with this weed.

  5. They gonna need better lights, put up a solar farm for the extra power if need be!
    Don't get me wrong, I'm really Really happy to be finally be doing some of our own research!!!
    But if we're going to do this, PLEASE, just do it properly.

  6. Don't think ive eva seen such a pathetic attempt at growing cannabis lmao the crudd wouldn't even make the black market benchline…and you actually expect it to heal sick people??? Think their purposely restricting is potential to faulsafie its progress. …. you really think were that stupid lmao

  7. CCA is fighting for freedom and fairness which begins with legalising cannabis here in Australia. 🍃⛑🌏

    Adults should legally be allowed to cultivate their own cannabis for medicinal or recreational use. ✅✅✅

    For more info please visit:

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