TOP 5 CANNABIS STOCKS 2019 – RICH TV LIVE – DECEMBER 10, 2019 – Watch this video and let me know if you agree with my top 5 cannabis stocks for …


  1. Hi look for all know sticker numbers and letters in Robin hood platform none of them come out do you know why preciate the answer appreciate your comments to thank you

  2. Wow those are some strong picks, long no problem. Another one imho that has been beaten and shorted to the ground is Planet 13. This is a tightly held company in which the insiders own a lot of the shares, very very fair price at the 1.30 range. Also GGB ( green growth brands) CEO and insiders are very powerful people. Mr Horvath is the CEO of many reputable chains including American eagle. Thanks for that find rich! This is just the beginning.

  3. Hey Rich I love you're picks although you are missing a big fat pay out with HEXO up 31 pesos today. HEXO is going to the NYSE soon with 1B market cap EBEDA of 12 and 400 million in the bank HEXO will be a sell for 10 to 12 dollars. You heard it from me the Money Man.

  4. I like most of the picks, thanks! My list, like yours, includes Kush Co KSHB and MedMen CAN: MMEN (US:MMNFF). I think they have among the most reasonable valuation metrics to go along with their massive growth. My list adds Trulieve CAN: TRUL US: TCNNF and Green Thumb Industries CAN: GTII US: GTBIF. Both have reasonable valuations and are coming off their trading lows. I like their expansion plans in the nascent U.S. market. Green Thumb's recent acquisition of Integral Associates instantly gives them a leading presence in what is probably the most critical U.S. state for legal cannabis sales, Las Vegas. I went to one of Integral's "Essence" dispensaries on a recent visit to LV and was very impressed. The acquisition also includes high-quality growers "Desert Grown" and "Cannabiotix". These guys make GREAT bud and this should help them distinguish themselves in the marketplace. With the brisk business being done by Essence and the growers I think we're going to see Green Thumb's revenues continue to rise sharply. Trulieve also has impressive expansion to various U.S. states underway. I have been buying these lately as they visited the lower end of their trading ranges with the sector selloff culminating in the Aphria short attack. I also like that with Trulieve and Green Thumb, the daily volume isn't that high, so that tells me that much of the investment community doesn't know about them yet. Thanks again for the work you put in on #richtvlive! and I hope your 2019 sees HIGHER HIGHS!

  5. Aurora is my number 1 as well BUT – I'm a big believer of "quality wins" and I must admit I have some concerns about their product quality. their expension are so big ,I afraid they're focusing on capacity instead of quality.
    And in the end, when a lot of players sells the same product- quality will win. Furthermore, I belive we'll see "quality war" – articles, cannabis competitions (corrupted by the interested company) , hired writers, fake news about some disaster of using XXX company oil and stuff…
    And the companies with the strong back will be more likely to do this stuff for other companies.
    I'm waiting for a big partnership deal of Aurora!!
    Coca Cola CEO announced that they will not enter the game before it's fully legalized (I believe he means in the US) and safe (for kids as well…) .I believe it'll take a decade

  6. ACB is still looking cheap at these levels for long term view – my number one in the cannabis industry by a mile🥇🏆buy it when you can, not when you have too…

  7. Howdy Rich, what's your view on Mjardin, POTN, HIPH, MCOA, MJNA, GRNH AND KGKG, Thanks a bunch, this bud is for you!!!

  8. Saw cvsi in Manhattan today as well as on my local news station last week. I think the first to the top in the cbd game is gonna be to the marketing juggernaut.

  9. I always smash the like button on all your videos rich you are the best keep your head to the STARS and keep up the good work and thank you for everything brother!!!

  10. $ACB definitely tops my list, especially with these prices right now. Some others that I own are $CHOO, $TRUL, $TGOD, $TRST and a couple others that I'm watching very closely right now are: $PLTH and $PURE. Thanks for the video bro! We should do something together soon!

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