Top 3 Stocks RIGHT NOW August 2019📸

Charlie introduces the Top 3 Swing Stocks for Mid-August 2019 along with some straight-forward strategies on approaching them. He also discusses the …


  1. The Monkeys and Badgers of Honey
    Conspire to make lots of money
    Lead sheep to buy stocks
    in very large blocks
    We'll get rich and they will be puny.

  2. For months… I have been searching for a solution to my failures in trading stocks till I read online about Mrs Nancy Berman Epstein… saw her work and connected with her… she helped me make a lot of money and I am so grateful…

  3. Be careful with Zillow it has a very flawed business plan. It’s trying to buy a lot of houses based off of ratings and sell them for a profit. Very cost intensive and their earnings report shows they aren’t making enough for this new venture. Seems like a last ditch effort to save their company before investors see how invaluable it really is.

  4. Don’t touch Zillow for real. Steve Eisman went public that he is aggressively shorting it like he did with subprime in 2008. Every bounce will get heavily shorted in this market and early birds will get wrecked

  5. I bought AMD at $34.12 just before watching your video. I'm set for a day trade and out at $35.14 (3%). The ways things are going it looks like to it's going to become a swing trade.

  6. Hello and good morning maybe can you tell me what chart system you're using to see your SMA and your ma I don't know where to look for it

  7. A video good enough to say I was there to hear it all. Very informative…Well versed-put. Peace 🙂

  8. Man you have taught me a whole lot. I've only been in for about a month and have only one thing I believe in long term I've invested in heavily. Maybe I'm wrong but pareteum looks like something special. Long term. But I'm going to try this when I have enough value. Some idiot tried to get me to pay for what he thought he knew. A fool, the fool. I went around him to try and find what he thought I was too stupid to find. Just off of an add. He basically thought he had to tell me where to invest when I can watch him and find out exactly what he knows.

  9. Started on webull, will stay with it all the way thru my learning process. Been killin the paper tradin game. 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Webull has no bid/ask price on the trade page on the app!! Which is ridiculous!! Although Robinhood sucks but they have live bid/ask price which many brokerages lack!!

  11. I cant find any news about any penny stocks on CNBC APP.
    Any idea where can we find news about penny stocks thanks

  12. You give me 1 million to paper trade and I will make a diarrhea mess. You give me five dollars to paper trade and say go get em tiger and I will be successful. When I see a stock I am interested in even if it’s one I already have, I catch it at a price I am interested in and I imagine I am at the Stock market and it is a real place in 1950s NY. I hand the monopoly man the money that I see the price is at the time I am interested. I then watch til the end of the day to see where it went. I look day to day to see where it went and if I could of made a ravishing $1 bill or lost one.
    The most recent thing that happened was with Walgreens. I lost a dollar but then I bought two and then when it went up 2 dollars we had almost enough money to buy a happy meal with the profit. Our daytrade turned into a two day trade and we made $2 But we had to spend over $100 to get it

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