Top 3 Marijuana Stocks To Buy In 2019 – expert advice – Aurora ? Canopy ? Aphria ?

in This video we get 4 experts opinions and adivce on what they think the top 3 marijuana stocks for 2018 and 2019 are. check out all their amazing channels …


  1. Awesome video guys I really enjoyed this collaboration. Thanks so much for the valuable information..

  2. Thanks Hustler.. Planet 13 is doing great and thank you for that tip.
    Also like BUDZ thus far. Some are saying that LHSIF is under recognized. Peace

  3. The dreamTeam. !! Good video. Guys. ! Let’s hope we have a bullish week for the markets. 🙏🏻

  4. Thanks for the great content. Is it possible for you to add the names and tickers of the stocks you guys mentioned here please?

  5. Planet 13 is gonna be a Beast And Aurora is the other I have stock in ! What do u all think of Acreage Holdings ? that question is for anyone !

  6. great video but you guys left out Cyberstock, would have been interesting to actually see him lol

  7. Awesome video! Keep up the good work and do more collaboration videos, they are really fun to watch and hear different views and opinions.

  8. Great pick on planet 13, I’m going to pick it up tomorrow.
    I looked into the company and their “shop”, what a massive place.

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