Top 3 MARIJUANA Stocks for 2019 – Best Cannabis Stocks for 2019

In this Marijuana Stocks video, I look at the top three marijuana stocks to invest in for 2019. I look at the Cannabis industry as a whole to see where the …


  1. What's a good entry level (number of shares to buy) with a $500 portfolio? Would buying 20 shares at $6.82 in a company like Aurora (ACB) be worth it or do I need to buy at least 100 or more shares to see future gains? Am I wasting money buy less than 100 shares in any stock? newbie here

  2. Tilray and medmen will be the big dogs in herb in 5 years .. They a become trusted brands in weed

  3. Also Jimmy, what do you know about valuing inverse etf's like SH or DOG? Do you know of any inverse etf's that are good to invest in the long term, as most of these inverse etf's are very inefficient and don't do well over a choppy market over time

  4. jimmy, love your content. Why don't you value some of these companies so we can see… What I want to learn is finding a great price to sell these Ipo's, ie/ just when it becomes bizzare and over priced to the extreme and its "safer" to short sell them or buy puts. Would love to learn how to value these smaller companies where price is so many times the earnings, using like DCF model

  5. Aurora Cannabis is definitely my winners choice stock! MARIJUANA WILL BE LEGAL worldwide soon! I’m in the United States and I remind my Facebook family everyday to invest in marijuana STOCKS because it’s guaranteed to increase.

  6. I totally agree with your top three and even your top fourth – I have purchased stock in all of those. I like your perspective, because it is on point and easy to understand – Thanks!!!

  7. What do you think of SPROUTLY or Khiron Life Sciences Corp? They are relatively cheap now and show great potential , but Im still hesitant to pull the trigger on them, yet. Thoughts?

  8. Do you mind to share the full list you have in the heatmap? Also wondering what did you use to make the heat?

  9. Canadian cannabis stocks have lost their luster and are not really going anywhere, but that is not to say the brand new us market looks like it has lots of potenial, but I would do it in a etf, horizons has one that they just brought out that I probably will be getting into after the crash, now Aurora has too many shares out there right now but if your willing to hold it for 10 years who knows. They need to pay a strong dividend like 5% or more before I would rebuy their stock.

  10. BMMJ: Got this bad boy at avg price .68 cents. Looks like it still a great ride. Added a considerable amount of shares when it dipped to .95 and that just made me smile.

  11. Personally, I believe CGC is over-valued and stagnating, but I do own a moderate amount of shares in ACB, OGRMF, APHA, and CURLF, so needless to say, I'm smiling everyday,when watching the stock tickers.

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