Top 10 Strongest WEED Strains with their THC level!.

Top 10 list of weed/ marijuana/joints list with their THC level and High-Quality images. You won’t regret watching this video… List of Top 10 WEED with their THC …


  1. I've purchased most of these strains at my local recreational boutique down town Seattle. The fact is —– in 1977 I along with several friends were growing a Thai / Hawaiian strain that was much better than half of these so called Top 10! And do you want to know why? It was because we grew in small clusters and were able to control the growth and vigor of all our plants. We grew them all outside in an apple orchard and only used organic fertilizers. You would be amazed at how well chicken shit works when its mixed with hay. Long story short we were pioneers before our time. I had friends from Cali Orange county, Humboldt county, LA proper and they would always ask me for some of my "Home Grown" because it kicked ass and was much better than the majority of brown weed everyone was getting from Mexico. That shit was the worst! Seeds, stems, dirt clods all came in a baggie. Strength means nothing next to character. We would smoke a doob between the 3 of us and laugh for an hour straight. Most of today's weed just gives you the Vulcan mind meld and your content to camp out on your sofa. No character, no class!

  2. Fuck I'll be looking at these videos and just missing my weed even though I've gone literally two days without it but I need it

  3. FUTURE #1 ( GG4x Star fighter) strain i came across, now growing myself has tested over 35% here in portland,OR. ITS A WINNER


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  5. I was smoking strawberry cough in 2014 i know there is something stronger than that by now and gorilla glue sucks to me

  6. Is to late to start growing outdoors i reasonly bought a eight of madaman indica and i found a seed so what should i do the delivery service is called buddies express in covins im stoked

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