1. i just got 2 clones of the FUTURE#1 ( GG4xSTARFIGHTER) 3 weeks into flower this by far one of the frostiest strains i have ever seen, i just finished a purple punch that was amazing but i'm gonna keep the future line around. anyone who hasn't tried it get some

  2. Hells OG at 34%, so wrong, this strain averages maybe 20-25%. All depends on the cut and grower, this number thing is bullshit, stop filling people with dumbass knowledge. BTW u dont buy alcohol based on percentage so grow a brain and do real research.

  3. I see "Hell's OG" on the list that we have here but no "Chem De La Chem" or "Grapefruit Durban" πŸ™ hopefully my ish can make it soon lol…. The last 8th I grabbed of Grapefruit Durban was at 32% THC from Terrapin Care Station. "Highest amount of THC in a flower that i've had/seen so far in PA"

  4. Ok so I've never smoked weed before but I'm definitely going to try soon. What would happen if I smoked one of these strains for my first time?

  5. Im gonna try and find some Nova OG seeds for next years crop…If anyone knows where to get them ? Please let me know. Thanks guys.

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