1. So how come when i put my nose to my jar, i can smell the differences between my buds, and they have a strong smell to it also, but when i put the buds to my nose, i cant smell the weed smell, it just smells like dried plant material?

  2. Organics, Full spectrum LED's, and long/cold dry and cure time. I've grown multiple cultivars in the same tent at the same time and they all hold their own distinct qualities (SLH, C99, Cheese, TK). Humidity control in my drying tent helped me in dry Alberta to get my 12-14 day hang dry. Jar for at least a month or 2 after that.

  3. hey guys, love the channel! could you possibly tell me if the fox farm dirty dozen nutrients are good or just basic?

  4. Hey guys!
    I love listening to your episodes. they are very informative.
    this is a non growing post.
    where did you get …."The Dude" Gucci shirt? its incredible.

  5. When you say 10 to 14 days, is that wet trimming or dry trimming? I am using my spare bathroom with 60% humidity and 65-68F but got pretty bad "hay" taste. thought it felt dry enough after 5 days but didn't taste good at all. It smelled great during the grow. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  6. Do you have to dry and cure to cook with the buds? Or can you use them straight off the plant to the oven to decarboxylating? I’d guess maybe some extra time in the oven at a lower temp.

  7. Sealed room's build up ethylene gas and can kill flavor. Co2 isn't the only variable in healthy air. I fully agree about the micro-nutrients on a big way!

  8. Could u link a picture of what this "clawing " looks like please..I've been thinking about using c02 dont wanna nuck up..thank you ✊🏿

  9. When you're growing synthetically, If you don't have a serious grasp of what you're doing, you're gonna get subpar crappy bud. I've been there. I had multiple harvests of mids because of the nutes I was using and screw ups in drying & curing. When I finally switched over to True living organics and using seed sprout teas and compost teas, I finally got tasty bud. Haven't looked back since. Now I can grow anything and EVERYTHING is tasty, even the plants that aren't keepers taste great. So my advice is just KIS, keep it simple. Grow organic.

  10. Great summarization on achieving the diggidy dankness we're ALL aspiring to pack our jars with. Bringin' it on in the Bakery baby.!!!

  11. Awesome topic. Just picked up some Recharge and going to be using it for the first time with Canna Coco. Someone was telling me I need to raise my PH from 5.8 to keep microbes alive. Can you guys confirm?

  12. Thanks so much from Denmark. I have a question. How is your take on water curet cannabis.? I have done it 4 times now, and it is so good. It will loose all taste and smell but….It is so mild to smoke and the high is like first time you ever smokes..Thanks so much again.

  13. All those seeds and strain and still no taste or smell umm 1 dryin is important and way you flush and harvest 2 are you us in right nuits

  14. cold cure gradual humidity reduction bros, it'll keep that death putrid grossness. 90 days plus. oh yeah NO NITRO PACKS!!!!

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