1. I JJ, nice stream Man,
    I think i'll try some H tincture soon, i have an old kieff from last year in the Freezer waiting for it…🙅
    Cheers J.

  2. I make my tincture…one teaspoon of coconut oil to gram of wax. Wax goes in preheated oven in small pyrex flask, covered with aluminum foil, on 250-260°, for 27 minutes….add coconut oil when warm so it mixes well. This strength wise, I usually get 4 heavily medicated doses per gram, or 10 gummies per gram, which I use 1/4 tsp of coconut oil. Anyway the 4 doses of tincture is insane, you need to be free, for about 12-14 hrs…lol Cheers!

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