Timothy Olyphant and His Wife Are Exploring the World of Legalized Weed

Timothy Olyphant talks about exploring the world of legalized weed and getting nervous on talk shows. » Subscribe to Late Night: » Get …


  1. he's the type of guy that would be like the popular perfect guy in high school that you'd really try your best to find a reason to dislike, only to find there's nothing to dislike about him because he's not only good looking and funny, but like actually genuine and nice to people lol

  2. Liked him in the crazies, deadwood and Hitman. And one of the best tv shows justified! I wish Hollywood would have him in more movies.

  3. I've loved him since Hitman. loved Deadwood and Santa Clarita diet. constantly looking for more. Gotta catch up on Justified. Great in anything he does. 💜

  4. Hope he gets a major movie role that would get him an Oscar, he got the skills for it, he did an amazing job on television over the years

  5. Loved him in Santa Clarita.

    Wish it was on for 1 more season at least. So many unanswered questions.

  6. Are my legs showing? It's embarrassing to think about – So to stop thinking about it he went to Conan in shorts.

  7. Edibles can be a nightmare. It's best to try a little bit first. My friend made some krispie treats that were really potent and ate a huge one. He was red and sweating and on couch lock. He can't look at another krispie treat without having flashbacks.

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