Time Lapse Outdoor Northern Lights Cannabis Plant From Seed to Harvest i j2oOPQZf4 1500cut

video cut to 15:00 from 16:00 A time lapse of my first legal cannabis grow with explanations on how it was done. Enjoy! Check out my new condensed and more …


  1. I use river dirt and river water and my plants grow like trees

    Day 23 has the song from peggel😂😂😂

  2. Bro u lucky had 1 seed and happened to be female….
    Hope my is female I also am only planting 1 seed to😂

  3. you can tell at about 7:02 spider mites started attacking, the yellowing of the middle leaves should be a good indication 🙂

  4. I am so lucky, i pick one seed from a pressed marijuana, and i chose my own soil from my garden and the plant now have 3 months and she is so beautiful and healthy, the leaves are intact and very green, and now is in flower period and still pretty good, thank God!

    Ob: im poor guy, i dont have money to buy nutrients and in my country cannabis is ilegal but i dont care, im gardener not a criminal, i need cannabis for my health, but the governament dont give a shit for us!!
    Love your plant bro, beautiful, the strain is awesome too!

  5. Hay I wanted to point out at the beginning u wher At day 32 and then it went to day 26 and then so on from 26 so the date wasnt exstact it was roght At day 32 and stoped after

  6. Hey there u have great videos and e already learn so much with it. I have an question that's killing me.. Soo i grow outdoors always i don't have space or time to have indoors and with the photopryod plants every thing goes nice and easy they grow big and i have big yealds.. But the thing is with the autoflowers i already shaw so many like u growing them pretty damn big and mine don't grow bigger than 70cm?? Could u please help me to make them grow bigger and have better yealds?? Thanks

  7. Don’t think you should have made a tutorial if you haven’t had a couple of grows under your belt but nice footage and timelapse

  8. Yellowing is normal when they're flowering. They're diverting nutrients. Giving them more fertilizer leads to nitrogen toxicity. They shouldn't be a dark green at harvest.

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