Tim Fratto talks CBD on Forsaken Generation Radio Show

The first hour of the show was Case of the Mondays with myself and Anu Vaidya. Then I have a little bit different type of guest for the show. We will be talking all …

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  1. Brainwashed people blow my mind! I am an RN and I research non stop! Even before my daughter’s vaccine injury! But the problem is those of us in the medical field only research the “recommended “ research. Like CDC and pharmaceutical research which we all believe to be reputable studies. We never research on any sites that are considered “non-reputable “ sites or studies. That’s why many in the medical field don’t know about the Bad stuff. It takes something happening to us before we look outside the box as with me and my daughter’s vaccine injuries and illnesses.

    That ZDogg is Offits groupie.

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