This Video is About Alcohol (and CBD oil)

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  1. My anxiety has increased after some incidents that have happened and I wasn't happy with my relationship with alcohol. I have been testing out this oil while eating much better. I also usually walk at a certain park and today I was able to run further than I have without any side pains. While I think eating better has helped that, I think the oil has too. It has also calmed my mind so I am not over talking or over playing things in my mind and I haven't had as much of an urge to drink so….I dunno. I think I'll keep at it and see if I gain superpowers lol.

  2. Sup wheez. I've been taking vitamin D3 for a long time now, and recently upped my dose to 10k IU / day and have gotten much better quality sleep. It's worth a shot the stuffs so cheap. If you take it for any length of time I recommend looking into vitamin K2 to go with it.

  3. No one should ever take Tylenol or its active ingredient while there is alcohol in your blood stream. Very bad…

  4. CBD helped me to quit drinking and it helped to manage my social anxiety. Love the stuff. I recently made a video about it as well.

  5. Please, please, please do yoga for a month and meditation for a month !!!!! That would be really cool and insightful. Hot yoga for a month would be a brilliant challenge and I reckon you'd love how you feel after it. Please Craig. PLEASE.

  6. Just so you know, CBD doesn't work properly without a small dose of THC, as a chronic insomniac I use super high CBD, very low THC (about 8 – 10% CBD, 1 – 3% THC) on the nights when my insomnia is really bad or because of life events (concerts usually) I am not able to do my usual night time routine that promotes good sleep. I generally smoke (with a vaporizor) a small amount about 45 min before I want to go to bed. I don't get loopy at all just very relaxed and generally have a very easy transition to sleep and stay asleep for 6 – 8 hours.

  7. Do some research on how bad alcohol is – you will be unpleasantly surprised. The few widely publicized "it's good for you" studies are just as true of fresh grapes as they are of wine. I enjoy the drink, too, but it's really bad stuff, especially when considered at the broader societal level. $1.6 billion a year of ubiquitous marketing and a hefty lobbying effort have effectively blinded us to it. Alcohol is cancerous like a mofo (it's a Group 1 carcinogen – some others in that group are plutonium and diesel exhaust). Groups of smart folks have decided its effectively more harmful and addictive than cocaine and heroin. The World Health Organization labeled alcohol as the world’s third largest risk factor for disease after physical inactivity and obesity. It's a significant factor in sexual assaults, domestic violence and auto accidents. There are somewhere around 18 million alcoholics in the US (that we know of) and a $35B mostly ineffective recovery industry. Could make an interesting – and sobering – video. Nobody talks about this because we don't want to hear it.

  8. Be aware when taking CBD oil, it takes time to work in your system. Dont expect it to heal or relieve on the first few doses.

  9. Ok. So, this video is one of my top fav's. Very different from what I've viewed before. You're the real deal. Thank you and loved hearing your little babe in the background. ;()

  10. The reason there are laws about drinking age is that the liver takes a bit longer to mature. Basically, the younger you are the higher the chances are that you will die a horrible death due to alcohol toxicity.

  11. Hey brother, I know im late to the party, but I dont touch drugs unless its alcohol, cigarettes (socially), paracetamol or anti-depressants. Otherwise I feel like shit, I may not be in a good way physically, but I definitely feel wrong depending on the medicine. Anti-depressants usually make me feel like a robot, that's usual, but in the year or so where I was off them, It felt odd. Although I always felt odd from all medicines, even AD's. I also quit alcohol for a month, and it had a HUGE impact on my life, If anything, I would recommend it to anybody, if they can.
    End of the day, I fucking lover alcohol, and I drink waaaay to much every night. Some people do drugs, some self-harm. I drink most of my evenings to escape reality. Sometimes it ends up with self harm, but in the end, neither is worth it.

  12. there are many a good site that does the true 1000mg distallites, crystalline or isolates of pure cbd concentrate for much cheaper i will throw out the one my mother uses which is probably much cheaper and effective method i usually just mix the oils with coconut oil and turn them into a tincture that cost us under $30 for what will be the equivalent some of 950 to 1000mg depending on what my starting source is but i can guess that at least half the price your probably paying in association to mg's per $1 ratio if your getting it cheaper for that and not doing some DIY work i would also be leary as its truly easy to make tincture from cheap distallite with not much cbd and a bad mark up as its not been regulated in the same sense hell there were fake synthetic cbd that killed some soldiers i believe at a base in florida might have been civilians wasnt terribly long ago why you cant just trust any online source either been doing this cannabis thing for a minute so i test everything beforehand it would kill me to give my mother who has heart issues anything that could give her a bad reaction

  13. So, this nearly 15 minute video "about alcohol and CBD oil" waa REALLY about how you MIGHT do videos about these topics?!

    Thanks for wasting my time!

  14. Hey Wheezy! I have taken CBD for a few years now. I have taken a wide variety of brands and levels of potency. Sometimes it works and I have had great results with reducing stress, anxiety, and helping my symptoms of Crohn's disease. I think you should try it only because the worst side effect I have had from it is a slightly upset stomach from some of the brands that don't put it into a capsule. Anyway, message me if you have any questions on brands or anything of the matter. It is not a cure all and doesn't help with everything, but like all things it has different effects on different people.

  15. You will have amazingly deep sleep and possibly crazy dreams!! I’ve been using it for a few months now. Game changer.

  16. This video makes me feel like you need a hug brother 🙂 Food for thought., our natural state is not stressed, depressed or discontent. Everything is energy… Science or spirituality you can't escape that fact. if you're feeling this discontent (including not being able to sleep) you might want to look at deeper meditation or even reiki, or look within to see what things you have unresolved. I appreciate you dude. Thank you for bringing happiness and clarity to so many lives throughout your career.

  17. For anyone with alcohol abuse disorder, look into the Sinclair Method. You take an opiate antagonist (usually naltrexone) at least an hour before you drink. It block temporarily blocks your opiate receptors so you don't get a release of them when drinking. The whole idea is to reverse the Pavlovian training you put yourself through from years of drinking. It naturally downgrades your desire to drink. On days you don't, you do things that release those chemicals in a good way, like exercise, snuggling, gardening, whatever. Your brain makes more opiate receptors after being blocked for a while, so when you do good things while not on naltrexone, you get more pleasure from them so it's easier to build a habit of them in your life. There's so much more to it, it's not a magic pill.

    The Embody Daily and Ria Health channels have so many great videos/interviews. I've quit for a month a bunch of times, but my craving level has never changed, I quickly return to the exact same consumption level, about 3-4 drinks/day. That's not hardcore, but it's also not healthy for my liver. Naltrexone is potentially also not good for your liver so it's good to get a liver panel beforehand, even though it's generally fine for most people. It'd be bad if you have hardcore fatty liver or cirrhosis or are in the 10% of people who can't tolerate naltrexone. There are other opiate antagonists to choose from. Since the method leads to less drinking, you also don't take naltrexone often, about 30% of people naturally decide to abstain after the pharmacological extinction has happened, 3-12 months for the majority of people. The ones that continue to drink socially ALWAYS take the naltrexone beforehand to prevent the reacquiring of the learned behavior change in the brain. That upregulation of opiate receptors means you would get much more pleasure from drinking if you did it without first taking naltrexone. It's not Antabuse, it doesn't make you feel bad, it just prevents the deeper pleasure of alcohol.

    I plan on also watching youtube on naltrexone to reverse my habit pattern with it as well. It's my most serious addiction right now, I seriously watch it all day frequently. I learn so much from it, but I also use it primarily as an escape, not a source of knowledge, even though that's happening too. So I figure watching youtube with my opiate receptors blocked will also help change the habit pattern of pleasure release I've built up through the years from tremendous repetition. Anything that releases these brain chemicals for too little effort can build to a learned addiction. Some people are genetically predetermined to get more release of those chemcials from alcohol, so it's easier to acquire the addiction. But the idea that some people are just addicts and some aren't is totally false and damaging, it builds a sense of flawed identity and powerlessness in the person. In truth, everyone likely has a sensitivity to some sort of pleasure release pattern, so if they aren't habituated in this way to something, they just haven't yet tried the thing they have a natural affinity for. The 12 steps were integrated into our society without the backing of science because nothing else was available at the time. Even though it's long term success is terrible, it's better than nothing. Now we know more and can do better. is an excellent place to begin

  18. So best things I've found for helping to get sleep:
    -Good sleep hygiene. Nice hot bath or heated blankets before bed. No electronics/screen use before or in bed.
    -No sugar, caffeine, or alcohol. Goal is to keep blood sugar stable and not stress your system more. If you have alcohol regularly decrease slowly. Make sure to eat and stay hydrated throughout the day.
    -Get outside for some portion of the day. Something relaxing and low key like a walk.
    -Meditation also helps.
    -Quietude by Boiron works well.
    -You can add either Coffea Cruda (more for racing thoughts) or Kali Phosphoricum (intellectual fatigue leading to sleeplessness). The Kali Phos seems to help more of there's an emotional component and it's an ingredient in the Nova anxiety too. (see below) I take 30c when I use either one.
    -If you try melatonin 1mg or less should be enough to do the job for sleep. (warning can be a headache trigger)
    -Do not use diphenhydramine more than once or twice. It's useful to maybe break a bad sleepless cycle but your brain doesn't get into that deep restful sleep.
    -If it's emotional stress Nova's anxiety relief (strong use sparingly) or Bach's rescue remedy works well.
    Hope this helps.

  19. I'm glad to see you're doing talky-time vids. I'm just starting out on YT and they're not workin' for me (as far as views and interaction), but then… I'm just starting out! Your channels and you inspire me to get to work!!! Thanks.

  20. Aren't the tannin's a family mini eagles and why are they in your wine glass? You can use the Nike approach "Just Do It". Come on everyone likes Yoda!

  21. I use CBD oil for my arthritis, anxiety and cramps. It’s worked really great for me- looking forward to hearing about your results!

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