1. The E.U has had enough of our money. That 9 billion could be used for the homeless, But our useless spineless government will give in to the EU like they always have done.

  2. They can drive up my electric price if they want to. They will still get the same amount of money from me which isn't much as i only pay for the use of their meter, about £2.50 a week. when i find the right people that will go down to zero.

  3. I assume MPs have to work to 75 as well then? Sounds like a criminal move to me and should be taken to the high court of human rights pronto.

  4. Brazil is super rich in all kinds of minerals of which every country world wide has ripped apart in the process all the revenue paid into the Brazilian government is a staggering amount Where is it all going as they claim they are skint can't afford to save the lungs of the earth. Every country with huge famines poverty and squalor millions suffering is down to the same systematic looting of their vast mineral wealth. where's the revenue gone trillions siphoned into the elitist basterds pockets. Where's all the revenue for OUR gas gone it's invisible to the public but it's trillions owed to us. Political gangsters working for the elites utter filth scum

  5. 13:35,,, The fires may be a false flag, watch the vilification of the Brazillian president,, he's not signing up to the Paris climate scam.. He's anti UN agenda 21.. This fire is very suspicious. . Do not believe a thing.. extinction cation rebellion is a scam as well,, it's all club of Rome and UN communism..

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