The Weirdest Part of Working in an Office – Hannibal Buress

Hannibal Buress calls out babies for being crybabies and reveals the one thing about office politics he can’t stand. Subscribe to Comedy Central Stand-Up: …


  1. Hannibal: "He's sleepy, why doesn't he just go to sleep then?"

    Me: haha yeah! stays up for 4 more hours watching YouTube

  2. I'm not getting the jokes its like he's talking and people supposed to be laughing not sure if the crowds really there

  3. Blind guy bit is funny but legit just watched an episode of seinfeld and jerrys stand up had the same bit about the office. Slightly different

  4. I didn't think he was that funny here, but the way he does things makes even taking a constipated dump funny.

  5. why the fuck does hannibal buress have an office job? is that just a bit? if not, there's no way this dude needs a regular ass job

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