1. what would happen if you were to ingest all of that oil in the syringe …would you die ? or go to sleep and never wake up

  2. I am high watching this but you can probably grind up the flower and pour some vodka and add the flower and make this oil in a coffee maker lol.

  3. Great video with alot of great info thank you! I have 1 question can I decarb the plant material in an oven before I add the alchohol?

  4. can someone tell me why his yield is so bad? i mean the buds look okay. Id expect at least 14 percent. I want to use premium buds how much of a yield will i get?

  5. Oil seems mighty thin. When I make oil, it is next to impossible to suck it up in to a syringe. And I just get around 19 grams of oil from 4 ounces of bud.

  6. Could the ethanol be reclaimed using vacuum/vigreux distillation as well? Your still seems to work excellent but might be pricey.

  7. Why is it so dark Shouldn't it be lighter? all the cartridges ive seen are much lighter in color. Ive never seen a straight up BLACK cart.

  8. When you perform the step to remove the chlorophyll, you do so in a fully sealed container which means nothing actually leaves the container. Can you please elaborate on what exactly happens during the chlorophyll 'removal' process? Does it convert into sugars? Or something which is more preferable in an oil brew than chlorophyll itself? Because since the containers are sealed, you are not actually 'removing' anything. This step left me very confused.

  9. I don't agree with the one part about eating a bud wont do anything for you because i have eaten a bud off a green plant still in the ground growing and i was so high from one little bud that was less than a gram.

  10. Where do I find that still?
    Great video, needed content, clear instructions. Ty for this. Subbed, liked, and shared.

  11. Excellent tutorial. When i make my oil, the end result becomes rock hard when it cools down. Any idea why this is?

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