The Truth about Metabolic Design CBDs

If you would like to order some for yourself: The Truth about Metabolic Design CBDs – My INSANE …


  1. What are the extraction methods? Since there's no regulation about defining "doctor approved" do you know what criteria they used? I saw another video with a similar title where he tried to say you could judge the CBD by it's apperance. THIS IS NOT CORRECT! The guy seemed to have gotten good information from a bad source and he gave subjective answers. He didn't even know that the oil to the far right was made with vegetable glycerine. It was a water soluble tincture or CBD vape/drip juice. It also looks like he refrigerated the bottle or leftit outside in a cold day. That calls into question the integrity of the test and company. VG will thicken when the temperature drops and will taste terrible if it's vape juice.

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