1. Seriously curious about this one, have any of you used cannabis to boost athletic performance or for recovery? If so let me know in a comment, want to hear the good and the bad!!

  2. Beer…YUM!!! Weed…not so much.

    I read a while back in a medical journal that weed can elicit that chemically induced paranoia in as many as 20%…we aren’t alone! My experiences were pretty similar to yours; handful of times smoked, totally paranoid (complete with oddly ENHANCED hearing!), and I could not wait to feel like ‘me’ again. As an older more retrospective adult, I also think there was probably a psychological component/correlation to the lack of control for me that came with the high (maybe you too??) I can absolutely control the level of a buzz/drunk…but being high was, well, being high.

    That being said, I’m certainly not knocking those who love weed and can function whilst toking it up. I will admit I find it fascinating that people can successfully smoke weed AND run at the same time!

  3. Been smoking weed for 8 years daily I started taking my running serious in the last year. Doing about 100miles per week while still smoking everyday. Its a huge help for recovery. It helps muscle soreness it helps give me an appetite it helps me sleep better. I find that running amps up my brain and the only way I can switch off is to smoke

  4. I wonder if there are more long term benefits. I smoked it the week before a period of races and the first race I ran worse but all the other 4 or so races were my strongest of the season.

  5. This guy on Reddit was trying to tell me he will take several hits out of a bong and then run circles around me. Ftw.

  6. My favorite high is a runner’s high, and if it isn’t clean air then I would prefer it not be in my lungs

  7. Zero scientific knowledge on this video and not even sure what truth you dropped if any. Your bias is getting to you.

  8. I'd tried several edibles that didn't do anything at all, until someone gave me a cookie that did work. I had a small slice and it made me lose my sense of time, like I couldn't tell the difference between 5 min and an hour. Then I went to bed and thought I was suffocating to death for about an hour (I looked at the clock) and had to remind myself that I was going to be ok because I was just high. Was more like a low for me, so never again.

  9. I felt like my high school/college teammates who smoked never had sustained success. I personally think that doing that while training shows a lack of commitment. They were too busy smoking instead of doing the little things that mattered.

  10. I had a friend that placed top 30 at the LA Olympic Marathon Trials in 2016 and he smoked A SHIT TON. Like 4-5 times a day, and specifically before his long training runs. He said it helped him focus and get through them. Also did it for recovery afterwards. Made me think about doing it for recovery purposes as well, but like you I do not like the way I feel when I’m high. I like the way I feel naturally lol

  11. I’m not an avid user, (mostly because of its legality in my state), but I do enjoy it here and there. I find that if I plan it around my day so it can further benefit my recovery, that works best.
    I.e. It’s a Sunday and I have a hard am workout or long run. I do my workout, come home and usually eat an edible and relax all afternoon, eat, and possibly nap. I find my appetite isn’t often great enough to keep up with my calories burned when I’m in heavy training, and THC helps that. But I only using it sparingly. More of a personal treat rather than a recovery tool, though I think it can have benefits for the latter as well.

  12. I ran cross country and track in late 70's early 80's from Washington to California and every road trip their was alcohol and weed maybe thats why most athletes looked like the big hair bands.

  13. I remember running at my Varsity district cross country meet back in HS and the team would “warm-up” by jogging into the woods, smoking a few blunts, and then jogging back to starting line. I kid you not, all 7 of their varsity runners not only won the meet but all of them ran 16min or better for a 5K and were barely breathing or breaking a sweat like wtf? I can see why the NCAA and IOC bans it.

  14. I personally think that it should only be used after the brain is fully developed (as it stunts brain growth while its developing) and that it should be eaten in edible forms, as to reduce any damage to your lungs. I think it can be a great form of recovery and relaxation after a long run day and also a way to help get more sleep.

  15. Once I ripped a bong the night before a race (ik idiot) and ran a pr at that point 16:36 5k. I take running more seriously now and and don’t spark in Szn tho.

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