The Truth About Ecstasy

High Society is a new VICE documentary series about drugs in the UK. British people statistically take more MDMA in one session than any other country on the …


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  3. Harm reduction makes sense, also the issue takes on a very different perspective, when one asks the question of: who is the owner of your state of mind?"
    There's so much nonsense that doesn't work(typically the penal system, That doles poor punishment, while itself ignoring the cause). Meanwhile the practical solutions that worked are often over looked(Portugal did quite well by implementing harm reduction, by offering voluntary help.) Meanwhile in the UK, the Theresa May hypocritically talks about doing something useful, while doing nothing to prevent the death.
    I wonder if most politicians are too far removed from their general populous to really effectively understand and implement helpful solutions?…

  4. I took xtc for years and I had nothing but great times on it, made a fool of myself a fee times but good memories all round

  5. "deadly" lmao… "get a gram on our fingers" LMAO…. and how sloppy those dealers are… rofl can just tell they will get caught

  6. It's just sad that some peoples think they can take how much they want and survive.

    Pro tip: If you want to you can plant some cannabis in school ventilations and set it on fire and make the whole school high.
    Jk don't do that

  7. We need testing like that at every night club and festival, period. That will not likely happen anytime soon though, so maybe I'll start a fucking business.

  8. Why not just stick to alcohol or beer if there's so much danger in taking those pills, why go thru so much hassle

  9. It's interesting that they're less focused on "don't take drugs" "just don't do MDMA" and they're more focused on educating how to be more cautious when you do take them..

  10. I’ve never tried Ecstasy, or even considered it. The only drug I’ve ever done is smoked weed😂 but if those ski mask dude invited me to a party you bet I’m showing up

  11. That moment you where masks and have warped voice cuz ur more scared of mommas ass whoopin than the cops

  12. Vice this better be real. Cuz if it is mad props u was in the dirty trap, see back in 07 this guy 6 blocks away from me had a chicken litle pill press shit had the whole Baltimore on its back until his mans raw basin willy who stayed on Lafayette snitched on him. Smh i swear we had martin luther blvd every st argyle Pennsylvania druid hill all thay shit through pressman.. game over. Europe aint have shit on my boa #freeworm #fuckthatniggarawbasinwilly #summer2007

  13. What happened to origanal xtc pills? Not just MDMA. Now days people call mdma xtc, but it's not it's just mdma. Back in the 90s to 2000s mdma was only 1 of the 3 or 4 drugs in each pill. MDMA is awesome, but not like it used to be when everything was complete in one pill.

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