1. So I watched this video last night amongst some other research I’ve been doing and went out and bought a 300mL water soluble CBD and a vape pen and CBD cartridge. Never smoked anything in my life.. so anyways I’ve been doing keto for 3yrs now for my anxiety and autism. Holy crap. I took a drink of this CBD in water.. and I have never even had this clear of a thought process without worry. I do feel a little sleepy though but it is truly insane. It’s also helping me not obsess about my macros and my body shaming when not in prep has backed way down. I never knew such a calm feeling was possible or even normal, thanks for speaking about this!

  2. Logan which cbd oil and how much dosage you are using ? I remember as you said 10%, my brother has a brain tumor so any answer would help. We are also using many others that you’re using, thank you !

  3. Logan not sure if you touched upon this in the video but be aware some people do develop over time or expose adverse effects to CBD so you might want to look into it as with anything for some people it just won't work out longterm.

  4. Very informative and one of your best vids yet! Thanks for all those tips even though I can't stand Starbucks for many reasons!

  5. I would so love to try it but it costs about $700 a month here. How much is it in America?

  6. Back in college I did a neuroscience paper on scientific studies supporting the benefits of CBD with topics including brain tumors, depression/anxiety, and seizures! Awesome video, and cool having your client on the show, he looks like a beast too!

  7. Awesome stuff bro!
    Have you seen this video “Keto diet goes wrong” its full of BS and i think you should make a counter/reaction video 👊🏼

  8. great video Logan, especially on the vaping and mentioning Ketopet! The story behind what they do is also very interesting, I'm sure they would love to get in touch with you. Maybe you could interview them on your channel. They're very kind and helpful, its the same people that own Quest Nutrition (Epigenix Foundation), and they run the Metabolic Health Summit coming up later this month in LA. Do you know about this conference? I will be attending in a few weeks. Also I have that exact same Frankincense essential oil every day under the tongue! Did you know that those boswellic acids also have cannabinoids in them? Its interesting how many cannabinoids there are, where you can get them from, and how they can be used as medicines.

  9. Sure they can come back but not for product promotion… 😒. Align your texts also, lady repeated many times what Logan said already, was weird looked as if she had to proof herself, not natural 😏 sorry

  10. I’ve been taking hemp abstract, ( don’t know difference between hemp and cbd) at night, and when back flares up. I’ve definitely been sleeping better. And my backs been feeling good enough to do my workouts long as I don’t jump. (2 Pack) Hemp Oil Capsules for Pain Relief Anxiety Sleep (3000mg / 240 Pills) Best Natural Organic Hemp Seed Oil Powder Extract – Anti Inflammatory, Joint Support – 100% Pure Hemp Oils Supplements https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F21R2H5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_RJ2oCb8NFJHRZ

  11. Been on CBD for my PTSD about 2 months now and it’s been literally life changing. Like no supplement ever has. It’s a crime it’s not covered by insurance, but I digress!

  12. Logan, I was LITERALLY dispensing the CBD oil drops for my dog when you posted this video! I have an almost 15 year old Doberman with arthritis and hip dysplasia. He's been taking it for 2 weeks now, and I'm seeing a difference for sure! Thank you for this video because I've seen every one of your vlogs since last summer when I saw you on a Dr. Berg interview, and I respect your advice. I'll be sharing this video with everyone I recommend CBD oil to for their dogs who are older or sick. Thank you my friend!

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