The TRUTH About CBD in Skin Care – Is it worth it?

It is estimated that the CBD market will reach $16 billion by 2025. But why? What does topical CBD actually do? Is it worth your money? Is it even legal?


  1. My dog has seizures. CBD has stopped them. He hasn’t had one in a year and that’s when he started CBD
    But personally, I don’t find it makes any difference for me and my body.

  2. Topical CBD oil (NOT hemp seed, I did loads of research) breaks me out really, really bad. And I have almost no problem with any oil breaking me out.

    Tbh, I think CBD is just hyped.

  3. Not necessarily CBD on beauty, but CBD really helps me with pain management. I suffer with chronic migraines since I was 7 yo, being sometimes weeks at time on bed; it really me to get some relief.
    Note: my psychiatrist told me that he cannot recommend CBD in terms of mental issues due to the lack of research on these topics. Also, that whenever using CBD you should be aware of the possible damages to your liver because the data has been consistent on how CBD can cause significant damage to the liver.

  4. I’m an Influencer for Perfectly Posh and we offer CBD oil in varying levels in intensity. The oils are said to be able to be added to any face or body products you already use. I don’t have any customers currently that use it but I have spoken with and seen before/after photos of ladies who have and they all seem to have very good results. It’s nice to read the responses on here from others who have had positive results from the use, thank you all.

  5. I've known CBD oil to help people with pain, although I have never had that effect, I think individual biology plays such a large part in that and more testing needs to be done, as for makeup/skincare again I am very interested to see what other people claim, I imagine hemp oil would be as helpful as any oil for dry/damaged skin although there is an allergy risk.

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  7. I have nothing against cannabis and it certainly has some benefits, but people are acting as if it's a miracle cure for EVERYTHING. Nothing is that perfect. I've smoked it myself in the past as it is supposed to help with anxiety but it absolutely did not for me. It made me even more paranoid and anxious!

  8. Maybe person by person it works, but all the claims that are being made remind me a bit too much of medical history. Like maybe it’ll treat one thing, but we know that anything that claims to be a miracle cure is not one.

  9. I use THC basically for pain management, and as a sleep aid. It's also good for inflammation. I use indica, which calms and helps one get drowsy. Works great. Sativa is more uplifting and energizing. I don't know the details, but I was told that the THC, does not have the same effects as regular marijuana. No "tripping". Basically, the effect you get is drowsy and relaxed. Don't use this around machines or drive with it. Best thing to do is go to a dispensary near You, and talk to the "bud tender". They're happy to explain and recommend the best products for you. P.S. I have an elderly dog who has stiff joints. The vet recommended CBD Infused treats, and after a few days, he was walking normally. I think we'll see it being used everywhere soon. I am a fan!

  10. I’m sorry I know this video is about cbd but I love how your hair looks in this video and am curious about the extensions you wear

  11. Jen, I'm so glad you are bringing light to this subject. I'm always being told by my son and his friends that I should use CBD for my different ailment's but I'm not sure if or how it would even help. I can't wait to find out what everyone here says,

  12. I take CBD orally. It does help with my aches and fibromyalgia. I use hempseed oil for my dry hair and dry cuticles. I also use it during the winter at night on my face. I definitely don’t look 48.

  13. I tried a CBD infused coffee twice, i ended up with a horrible stomach ache, and my anxiety became twice as bad. I tried it a second to be sure it wasn't just an off day. I don't doubt that it helps many people, but I do wish there was more out there about the adverse effects it might have. It takes a lot of digging to find anything that isn't just sunshine and rainbows

  14. ❤ your makeup in this! Thanks for touching on this because I've been curious since Ipsy included a sample of Hempz lotion in my July(June?) bag. It contains the hemp seed oil & has a well known plant leaf in it's logo, so they are definitely trying to ride the CBD wave. The lotion is a delicious sweet pineapple & honey melon scent; applies, dries & wears very nicely, but hasn't had any real impact to my skin quality when using it on my hands & arms. I do like this increased study of CBD, but I worry about the THC experiments after seeing a few horrifying news reports of violence being linked to/caused by synthetic pot. That said, these plants have been used for health for thousands of years & they got caught up in the stigma of drug abuse & addiction, but there is good reason that they're being looked at again for health benefits. Some products may just be trying to cash in on a craze but some may actually be on to something good. I'm curious to see how it goes.

  15. So I've tried it for pain, as an alternative or addition to my pain medication… it didn't seem to do anything honestly… I was not impressed. As far as skin care, I would hesitate to purchase because it did nothing, even just for general aches and pains associated with my exercise training… anyway, I know not makeup based, but my two cents. [And I tried it for six months, feel like I threw my money away unfortunately.]

  16. My mom has MS, rheumatoid arthritis, and stage 4 breast cancer. She's used CBD, and she smoked weed, she's tried CBD gummies, and it only took the edge off the pain. The only thing that really helps her is fentanyl patches. I tried her CBD oil when I had some lower back pain during my period and it helped me. I don't suffer from chronic pain fortunately, but I think it would work when my arthritis in my knees flares up, especially during the winter. Never tried it for my skin. I control my hand eczema by using mostly fragrance free products.

  17. This girl I work with her son is I think 16 now and he has had stage 4 cancer for years he has had multiple treatments of radiation and chemo and nothing worked well the doctor offered him last minute treatment and asked if he wanted to try something that wasn't proven to work but it was a possibility and it was the last resort it was a very high dose it's 75 mg a day n the prescription is $6,000 a month and within a year he was completely cancer free! 🙂 now there are 10 kids in our neighbor that are also cured from CBD who were in stage 4 cancer and they made a documentary it's called weed the people you should watch it it's amazing these little baby's used CBD n are completely cured! they will be on this the rest of their life and they have to get these high doses of it from Growers because it is so expensive to buy from the pharmaceutical companies so in my world it has been proven to cure cancer and ever since I heard this I take CBD everyday because if it can cure cancer it can definitely preventice thanks for making this video though

  18. We have travelled and bought marijuana products in California, Las Vegas, and Colorado and each place has told us and is consistent in saying that in order to get the full benefits of CBD, the product should contain 50% CBD and 50% THC. Hope this helps.

  19. I need to preface this I’m in Canada so the rules are a little different now because we can go to a dispensary and purchase CBD oil. For the pain claims- my husband takes it in the morning most morning for a pain he has in his hands (he works construction and some days his hands just hurt the same way your feet would if you were standing all day). I’ve used it for acute back pain and cramps and I find the relief extraordinary it helps relax my muscles not in a lazy can’t do anything sort of way but in a I can move again and not have it hurt.

    As for hemp in makeup- I’ve been using the Herbivore Emerald oil (the non CBD version) because I can’t get in in Canada. And as someone who has struggled over the last year to regain my clear skin since stopping the pill this is the first thing I’ve used that truly seems to be helping- I’ve been using it for a few days and immediately my nice jelly zits dried out and my skin looked even almost right away. Obviously I need more long term use but I think it’s kinda like most herbal remedies, they will never substitute medication should you need it but worked along side or as a starting point CBD I think really can help.

  20. I'm literally only commenting at this moment (very informative video,thank you) because the comments are at 420…..ok bye.

  21. I suggest checking out the podcast called Behind the Beauty. Serein did couple of episode on CBD and suggests some brand that are known for their qaulity CBD products

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