The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – BONUS Episode #10 – Expert Updates & Reflections

Thank you for joining us for this very special BONUS episode of The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest. If you would like to support our mission and own all …


  1. Incredible video all around…but my goodness, the speech by Mike Adams is INCREDIBLE!!! Way to go you guys in helping humanity awaken from this pharmaceutical monopoly! People are shrouded into thinking this is the way it's always been when in reality it's only "been" about a 100 years since all of this started!! Still don't understand why you have 123k Subs and this video only has 4500 views and only 137 likes and only 16 comments at the time of writing this…IT'S CLEAR that YouTube is shadow banning this info and doesn't want the masses to find out since YouTube is part of the problem despite the great info you can find here…There will be a better way soon when Blockchain tech becomes mainstream! God Speed!

  2. Thank you both for all that you do. I watched all nine episodes and then this 10th episode. I found it so amazing and wonderful and enlightening. I already ordered the living Fuel and the Essiac tea. I cannot wait to start those two products and be on those basically as my sole source of nutrients for a while. The only reason I did not order the silver or the gold was because it's from 2015 and it stated that you were making a new series in 2019. so I figured well then I'll just wait till the new one comes out. that seems to make more sense. Again thank you so much for everything. I tried to email you guys several times during the episodes and it kept coming back to me saying that I could not get my email to go through. Blessings to you all.

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