1. Hemp CBD is very competitive with CBD made of Marijuana. Very potent. I hope that someday hemp CBD will be less expensive.

  2. All of these stocks are probably great but THE ACTUAL CBD Is most likely CRAP!!!!!!!!! CBD Beer 🤔🤔 No! Walmart CBD, Hell No!!!! These rich sleaze balls are just capitalizing off of the Prison industrial system & the War on Drugs. Smh this shit is so sad.

  3. CBD and Marijuana are either currently or shortly to become a bubble. I live in a city with about 15,000 people. There’s at least three CBD shops that opened in the last year. Also, anyone can grow marijuana. There’s literally no barriers to entry. These publicly traded pot stocks that have multimillion dollar market caps and have never turned a profit – buyer beware cause you’re going to get smoked.

  4. Ive tried to look for the 5 stocks recommendation and you have to subscribe to his page and pay 30k, seems scammy…..

  5. Its obvious that this guy is trying only to make £ through that. The way he talks, the camera staring, the link. Keep it real Brian like London Real has always been. From someone who admires yout work and has watched most of your content multiple times.

  6. Anyone scrolling through comment to find the “Top 5”.

    There is NO exact name of these companies like Coca Cola or Nike. He does not mention it here. These are industry types, rather.

    Perhaps the links might help.

    Have a beautiful day!!! 💯🙏

  7. I believe he outed himself and his so called secret strategy by saying that the initial investors benefit the most which means he's already invested and now he's looking to upsell "strategy" to the gullible 😉

  8. Yeah, I'm believing this. By the time anybody tells you about a stock, it's too late. And they're investing somewhere else.

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