The simplest trick that will guarantee an increase in your yields growing marijuana (rant about it)!

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  1. By the way I've tried four and five different newts in my life they're all the same other than the pH perfect!!!!!

  2. Wizard I have some seedling that is leggy and laying down and they get lots of light but what’s causing that?

  3. You were on the right track with this "extra week or two" thing. However there's still a problem, an extra week or two ain't gonna do it. Fact is, it takes 15 weeks for weed to mature, period. You just use 3 flowering rooms 5 weeks apart. Even at 14 weeks it's easy to tell they need another week, because there's still some white pistils. Week 15 is when they really fill out too.

  4. I am about to try this for the first time. If I fail, and trash all my seeds where is a good place to pick up some good ones? I love your videos. Your information is invaluable. Thank you so very much.

  5. Will leaving them for an extra few weeks dwarf the sativa type highs? I've read that the more amber they get, the more thc is converted into cbd's. But will the bud-center trichomes be clear – white? Has anyone tried this yet?

  6. If you truly think that this method works use a lab result on the same plant twice, Once at week 10 then later around week 12/13. Easily would show the THC Percentage Difference

  7. Thing is leave them too long and they start growing empty seeds. WEEK 1 to max 2 at most is probably ok. I do tend to over grow time lapse.

  8. I have been watching your vids with great interest and I am very grateful for your sharing of knowledge. I call myself a gardener, nothing more, and my relationship with my plants only gets better after taking the time to listen to your wisdom. Thank You so much.

  9. I typically harvest when the trichomes on plant have darkened and beginning to break so I know the inside has ripened

  10. How close are those light next to each other it appears to be about 2foot apart ? Gosh those are big yielding plants

  11. Wow 12 weeks my plants are fully flowered in 45 days. I get 9 crops a year. You must be growing South American Sativa.

  12. Guilty as charged. Making a serious investment in an LED grow tent kit and my favorite genetics, was the catalyst that got me to be more patient. I let them go a week or so past, when the pistols stop growing and all turn red. As he stated, the buds continued to swell and trichrome production increased. I harvested some Ghost Train Haze, that smelled cured on the vine. Now I'm 'bout to harvest: Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, Lemon Diesel, Cali Mist #5, Bubblegum, Chocolope, and Blue Dream. Giving out clones for free, as it's now legal in my state (VT).

  13. have to agree 100% almost everyone harvests to early….in the last couple weeks you can actually gain up to 50% more total mass…20% is a given…but not only that the NUMBER OF TRICHOMES PER CmSq CAN DOUBLE IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS….if the plant is not dying DONT KILL IT…like you said the seed company specs mean nothing unless you are growing in their exact conditions they tested their own crops in….AND NO ONE HAS THE SAME CONDITIONS….plants should be grown as long as possible people get impatient and dont know that the MOST TRICHOME PRODUCTION HAPPENS VERY LATE IN FLOWER…one week to early you have decent weed instead of great weed…maybe two more weeks it becomes incredible weed….CANT STREES THAT TO MUCH EITHER…BETTER HARVEST TO LATE THEN TO EARLY!!!! I know people who literally grow the plants until they start dying then grow to flush and they have GREAT WEED TO SMOKE… sure it is true if you want a MORE CEREBRAL ENERGY WAKE YOU UP HIGH you might Not want to push to the very last second….but otherwise ITS ALMOST ALWAYS TO EARLY…

  14. Why metal halide in bloom? I always thought the spectrum of high pressure sodium was better for bloom stage. And mh for veg?

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  16. i do it by the eye my friend…I grow GDP Master Kush and Mango kush…And i know by eye what stage i am in…Those strain change to purple and red yellow
    its easy to see when they are done!

  17. Paying attention in growing is key from air flow n humidity. temp. nutrients and timing.with low stress training. paying attention pays off

  18. Mr . Wizard!!!! In need of some NUTES coming up after about three feedings!! Please Enter me into your Free Nute Tester Pool!!! I would LOVE TO CRUSH IT WITH YOUR JUICE BROTHA!!!!! Check my videos out man and let me know if I’m worthy of your Nutrient line!! Appreciate it man!! That FLWR ROOM IS CRAZY!!!! Peace out man! Stay Frosty and Medicated!!!

  19. yeah man people harvest way too early.rookie mistake.most of the 502 farms in wa state harvest too early

  20. Get a jewelry loop , look at the trichomes when 25% to 50% are turning amber , you'll be at the plant's max THC level . Get the temperature up , you have a bunch of small buds . A lot of that stuff looks indica , they need a temperature at the pot of 78° to 80° . Do that and you'll get 30% more yeald .

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