1. There is no way to arrest there way out of this the insurance is not helping cutting people off there meds are just making it worse

  2. Of coarse people are using prescription drugs first they think they are safer to take but then they find out that the doctor is giving them heroin in a pill no different at all one is mixed by a pharmacist and the other mixed on Mexican drug cartels you choose who you want to mix your pain meds

  3. In my case, workplace injury was "DENIED" medical investigation, The Workers Compensation Board did "EVERYTHING POSSIBLE" to deny investigation. 5 orthopedic surgeons / 3 neurosurgeons, over a 3 yr period, 2006 to 2009 "ALL REFUSED" medical investigation of my specific complaint. "No Physical Examination Whatsoever" – When I was finally diagnosed, with my Specific Complaint" Workers Compensation deliberately denied requested medical treatment of workplace injury. WCB = Medical Insurance FRAUD " = "RACKETEERING''

  4. Fast Fast Fast Fast the us go, International gov, USID and all these people gave me all their pain. because they were joining gorced eith D do dying zi cant take it

  5. I have a don Mario D Rich Jr but there are alot of them theybare small and I am asking that uou take themon too and join mybcare team it will be finbut Ithinkthey experience pai ln too thetevate alotof them and zi sm looking got a in hone doctor yo come and pay us a visit.

    I would really appreicate it and thank you for jpiming my care team

    Rhonda Lynn Pickett

  6. HI we have spoke on several occasionsbI would like to say hello I need to be treated its beenngoingno gor a minute they are really taking the mouth and tounge area ona trip olenastyass bitches diggingnintheir nasty ass pussies puttingit on my toungeand mouth I need you gotta a coupe more people to call remember

    D nose now whole body
    S nose now whole body
    N ankle yo ankle now whole body v in back

    worlds wiring tune like you toning a radio

    Love Rhonda Lynn Pickett

  7. Hi and welcome to the V;/Club all gou ha e go do is all gve US vo. and vo from there phone broke please bare with ne me please join mgbgesm.of doctors abd specilust as we go gbouvh this jouney there us alot voinv on inside pkease join rivhg now

    sorry about the phone usually more professional

    Rhonda Lynn


    Jackson, MS

  8. I wonder if there are studies that have explored the use of animal and plant “toxins” and their properties as possible pain inhibitors.

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