The science of cells that never get old | Elizabeth Blackburn

What makes our bodies age … our skin wrinkle, our hair turn white, our immune systems weaken? Biologist Elizabeth Blackburn shares a Nobel Prize for her …


  1. Plant cells do not age. They are frequently tissue propagated endlessly. So eat live plant products and it helps add life to our bodies. Definitely appears to work. Plus gardening is low stress occupation. The few people I've heard of who went 100% with it have experienced wonderfully reduced aging rate, and disease elimination.

  2. Her book – The Telomere Effect – genuinely changed my life & how I live it – I would highly highly recommend giving it a read.

  3. I really hope we discover a way to add to telomeres to our DNA. Because as soon as we start killing off senescent cells we will need to divide healthy cells to replace them which basically trades better health for less life.

  4. Chemical, physical and emotional stress. All effect gene expression. Take for example nutrients. We know that new cells require essential nutrients, building blocks. Amino acids, EFA's, minerals. If we don't get these we produce defective cells. Eliminate chemical, physical and emotional stressers. Eat a good healthy diet, get exercise, look after the mind and always continue learning.
    Great talk.

  5. 작은 힌트도 놓치지 않는 태도가 결국 대단한 발견을 찾아내게 되었네요. 정말 존경합니다.

  6. Supercool stuff! But now I start think a possibilty that Telomeres affect my genetic susceptibility to being stressful human. Which I am.

  7. what a waste of research money. even my 9 year old kid already knew stress leads to illness and shorter life. you don't need to look at pond scum to come to that same conclusion. tell me something I don't know

  8. The whole presentation was just fine. On the other hand, the outro was not necessary at all and somewhat too much.

  9. just another video about blocking science from really helping people to get a chance to live longer.

  10. Great information but how do we lengthen them, what can be taken or eaten to remove this cap. I mean ancient accounts speak of a cap placed on our chromosomes to stop ppl from living 1000's of years old. The God's got upset with ppl and did that. So glad this is discovered but how to reverse this is the mission

  11. I want to be a microbiologist but sadly, even though I love Biology, I am too afraid of not getting a job. I am probably going to study pharmacy, even though Biology is my passion 🙁

  12. I learned about Elizabeth Blackburn a few years back, I'll never forget her-she is an inspiration!

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