The Robert Scott Bell Show LIVE 3/4/19 – Shot mandates endgame, CBD, seizures, measles, infertility

Useful idiot goes to Washington, Vaccine infections, Bells Palsy pain, Febrile seizures, FDA on CBD, Dr. Rashid Buttar Advanced Medicine, Measles red scare, …


  1. The "End Game" is "ROI"! Return On Investment is severely jeopardized by the mounting "Hesitancy".

  2. (12:50) Yesterday I saw an interview with Isaac, Ethan's older brother. Isaac is more enlightened about medical freedom principles, and the inherently unsafe nature of vaccines. During the interview Jill the mom stepped in to answer a question, and she revealed that Ethan had received a DTaP vaccine when he suffered a nasty cut when he was a few years old. Both the mom and dad have excellent eyesight, as do all their children – except Ethan. Also, Ethan suffered from serious allergies/asthma and from 7 to 14 years of age had to visit the ER twice per year. Even minimal vaccination can cause so much harm!

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