The Real Reason for Cannabis Legalization

While cannabis becoming medicinal, decriminalized and legalized are truly great steps for human liberty, the economy and health, one must question the hidden …


  1. Only 8 comments, well 9 now. The legalization is all about the dollar. I was happy at first but after smoking that weed for about 3 months I developed what can only be called a severe electric shock as if an electric conduit was introduced to the back of my neck only happening while I was high. I had to stop smoking over the matter.

  2. the aim is to take over and destroy the blackmarket, the aim is to find a way to manipulate consumers of hash and to eleminate free spirits….the aim is to sell it as medicine …the aim is to poison it or to modify it to controll the masses….the aim is not human benefit and to support freedom and liberty…the only aim is to profit, to regulate, to controll and to repress with sanction. Its not an decriminalisation , its the opposite its an incriminalisation of everyone who thinks on his own and uses cannabis , its an instrument of pure indoctrination …its as evil as those who cose this. If we wanted to legalize… would never had been prohibited…..and btw. it was the police state …the gestapo and the ss who helped Hitler and the Nazis to establish their 3d Reich….and it is the police again who helps a new fundamental and totalitär worldorder to take over our lifes…..such a shame…..

  3. thanx, Nick, very enlightened perspective, check our Indigenous Order of Godland http://www.LoveOrder.INFO for the solution with indigenous and citizen courts and oxa money created by yourself and registered in local indigenous societies

  4. Great points. 7 years before the last day, a grand leader will unite the world nations under a one world government. For 3.5 years following the formation of the new one world government, this leader will bring peace to the earth and people with adore him. Then, for the last 3.5 years, he reigns as the Anti-chtist and the population will be tormented by beings that come from hell. Stay woke brother. Both in the flesh and in the spirit.

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