The Pot – Danny Carey (TOOL) and Kt Ruth Harms

Reformed’s final gig got a surprise guest, Danny Carey! (the drummer of TOOL) Terrible sound quality on my iPhone but fun to have this memory of my daughter, …


  1. That's the best those drums will ever sound.
    The only thing keeping them from the dumps is his once playing.

  2. Example of what Tool band members do in between touring and record making. Nothing like a tiny side gig to help center the soul.

  3. There's a magical invisible person singing and playing guitar… I'm sure you're a progressive .. practice what you preach about equality.

  4. Danny playing with drums that's not 'in line' with universal forces or reprisenting some hermatic geometric placement. Lol

  5. How amazingly cool of him to do this.

    I bet this took him back to the days in the garage with his first crappy drum set and reminded him why he even bothered in the first place.

  6. Is it odd that Danny wears polo shirts? Like, what would a drumming icon wear…. ::shrugs:: I guess a polo shirt from JC Penny

  7. all while wearing a polo and 1/4 zipper fleece. Danny Carry is a legend, and the girls didnt do half bad. Ive played this song live, and its hars to temember all the interludes and exactly where the choruses go. Not bad. Plus the bassist is pretty hot.

  8. Omg! Made my day!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍🌞🌞🌞🙌🙌

  9. and Danny re-discovered what it feels like to play with individuals who actually want to play with him; and each other; and actually create music.

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