The Most Underrated Podcast #69 -Fear of God Raids + Dal Nearly Scammed + Sports Gambling & More!

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  1. Topic for you guys..

    I'm getting older(almost 40 and collecting for over 30 years) and have a house and family now. I need to downside my collection. I've had upwards of 100+ pairs at any given time. Simply for the space not for lack of love of the game. You touched on trading in a few pairs of GRs for real heat last episode and that's what I'm currently doing. My question for you guys is.

    If you are on a budget(say 800.00 credit with GOAT from sales) would you rather have 1 pair of fire or 3-4 pairs of clean GRs? I'm new to the Cast so if you've talked about this recently, sorry and just ignore my comment. Keep it up guys love the cast, and love how relatable you 2 are.
    IG tag TMoble

  2. Yoooooo great CAST guys!!!

    Franchise- I was the same way as you… if my day was planned out, any hiccup or deviation from those plans
    would kill my mood and  put me in an unhealthy rage.


    There was a day when I was running late for work and I also had to drop my daughter off at school.
    I was already stressed as it is but kept it cool since I was making good time(didn’t hit any red lights).

    And then…

    My daughter says the dreaded… “Daddy, I have to go to the bathroom”

    Mother eFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!! (I didn’t say that of course… but that was what was going off in my head).

    I get off on the next road and pull into a McDonalds so my she can use the bathroom.
    We get back on the road and about a mile later there was a bad car accident. 
    It must have just happened because the cops weren’t even there.

    As I was driving by, I couldn’t help thinking that had I not stopped at McDonalds…
    that could have been me in that accident (with my daughter in the car too).

    So, now if any surprises come up… my reaction isn’t, “why is this happening”?
    But rather, “this must be happening for a reason”… and I’m good with it.
    The boot could have been a blessing in disguise.

    I’m down for a 1.5 hour CAST… it would def help some people listen to the whole thing.

  3. Always Fire 🔥content. All Three of you Hustle hard. The Podcast makes my week, and I would much rather listen to the “ Cast” vs. the radio any day. Keep up the phenomenal content.

  4. Saved by the Bell is a top 5 show of ALL-TIME! Don’t even @ me if you’re born after 1989.

    Dallas buying the fanny pack for his trip had me dying. Dal, did you walk around calling yourself Tom Steph-fanny-pack and saying you’re a big-time Canadian YouTuber?

    In terms of the Patreon, I love the idea of same-day podcast drops, and would gladly pay to support that. You’re 100% right: it is hard to keep up and comment in time to make it onto the next podcast in-time. But that is mainly because I always try to make sure I have at least an hour’s worth of podcast saved up for a long commute or travel. You guys have also been helping me get through exercise sessions. 3 days a week I’ve been trying to start running (so that I can mix it up with the Peloton rides, and not get sick of those on the other 4 days), and I love the long podcasts because I will go out and run for about an hour, and listening to the cast keeps that time flying by. Shorter podcasts would be unfortunate, but I’m good with it if it means more content. Some of us just can’t get enough of y’all

  5. Man those fog raids are so clean. Just picked up my pair this morning. Can't believe that ttf u doesnt like em but understand the whole styling aspect/tongue thing. Those orange(orange pulse now) fog and og pairs don't have much of a tongue either though. Looks like a 6/1 drop and are up on snkrs app now.
    Man wanted these glow and it was a complete shit show with this shock drop and the following consortium accounts. Below not good! U guys were killing me with the Darude -Sandstorm! That was my jam! I need the glows now so I can make a glow vid to that song and re enact the blade club scene, even though that song is new order-confusion remix even though it's always referred to as the blade song!

    Man u guys come to Philly I'm game and can show u the ropes but here in Jersey during the summer AC is where it's at! Sports books, day parties ,beach, casinos, and night life. Just let me know! Sorry for the long post!

    As for shortening the cast man that's tough! Love the cast now but getting it up quicker would be huge! If u do 3 shows a week I could deal with the shorter cast!Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing the Patron tiers!

  6. Hey guys, I don’t know if this was talked about in the comments yet, but about the Yeezy Supply Shock drop— I heard that adidas took over shipping for YS, so that’s why shipping is much, much quicker now days. I was lucky enough to be on my phone at the time of the drop and had no problem picking up a size 4 from Yeezy Supply. My order was shipped the next morning and arrived on Thursday. Also, just wanted to make a note that there was no shipping fee. Huge changes for Yeezy Supply. I hope they keep it that way. But yeah, the Adidas wait page had me with my thumb up my ass for like 2 hours with no luck. It was way worse than the Clay release. Anyway, just thought I’d chime in. I’m also a fan of shortening the pod. I like to listen to you guys while I’m out on my runs & it would just make it that much easier to finish each one all the way. I feel that 1:30 would give you plenty of time to get all the content and still have a fire cast. You guys are inspiring. Keep up the great work!

  7. nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! 2 and a half hours still!!!! maybe even 4 hours!!!!!! best show plz don't do hour long show

  8. The Monday/Wednesday/Friday idea is a great one. I rock heavy with the current format of the podcast but completely see your logic in possibly making a change. The sports segment a great example and your point is well taken with it being somewhat outdated by the time the next cast starts. I am definitely one of those fools who tries to squeeze in a comment but I like to listen to the full cast before doing so. Gotta be locked in! My thoughts: think about the things that are most time sensitive and work around those. Mondays are for your weekend pickups and Dal getting in trouble with the wifey (I guess this applies to Wednesdays and Fridays too 😂😂). Fridays are for your Supreme review and what you’re looking forward to for the weekend. Ya’ll kill it with the pop culture and other topics in the sports world or the world in general so those will just naturally flow into the cast.

    I think ya’ll have a dope setup and as ya’ll figure out what works best for you, the rest will follow suit. We’re ready to support the Most Unemployed Podcast with merch and patreon and oh yeah… #SellittoDal 👍 (if no one claimed it on the IG giveaway) Keep it rockin’ fools!

  9. What up hommies… Loved the last cast it even had a little Sandstorm. I think anyone who is similar age to me 35 had that as a ringtone in a Nokia 5100 back in the day with a light up antenna..

    Onto the Philly betting. Not only will you be able to bet at the game but the Phillies have a Casino being built right in the parking lot. The great thing about Philly is all the sports stadiums are all next to each other. So they are making the sports complex a fun place to hang out before and after games.

    Speaking of Philly how did we get blamed for that woman on the last cast complaining about Jeopardy being broke by our Boy Houlzhauer. That's like me blaming Colorado for Dog the Bounty Hunter… lol..

    Hey TTF I have a killer trade for ya. One of your Elway autographs cards for my autographed Rookie year Rodney Peete card.. DEAL 🙏🙏… OR I will trade it for that kids Jordan Jersey that you have because my son needs that in his life…

    Finally, as for the cast even though I highly enjoy the cast how it is. Whatever you guys need to do to make the show better I will support including Patreon. I can speak for a lot of us we love what you guys are going to do either way. Just don't change things too much…

    Ps… TTF fab 5 late 80's??? Wasn't it early 90's…NOT GOOD…

  10. Let's go!!!!! My raptors making history!!! It was insane in Toronto for game 6!!!!!!!!! So hyped!!! Now let's be honestly playing vs golden state will be a hell of a challenge but still:) don't think I forgot about your scepticism Dal haha all jokes aside keep on killing it guys!!!!

  11. My guys bringing us back like its 1999 with the Sandstorm joint! TTF "If your not in your closet by yourself in the DARK! with this song playing….i dunno what your doing with your life…You aint Livin!" Had me crying fellas 😂😂😂 Looking forward to the merch 🔥

  12. Damn the glow in the dark Yeezy dance had me crying! 😂 the shorter casts coming out the same day is a great idea. I think my time zone is about 8 hours ahead of you guys so I’m always running 2 behind by the time the cast drops so some of the sports and sneaker/Supreme drops are out of date by the time I listen. Only down side is that we would miss out on 2 hours of 🔥 content per week! Looking forward to supporting through Patreon. My IG is @Stephen_Ryan1 if anybody wants to follow!

  13. Love the same day / pay for the content… for sure. Plus we gotta get some funds flowing to the C O for our boys…

    *EDIT I wanted to give this pay-for-content more attention. My concern for you guys is this 1. will there really be enough cash generated from Patreon? My thought when I iinitially found y'all was that you would really build the channel grinding on youtube. I quickly realized this is a daunting task. Especially with the whole iTube philosophy youtube has instilled. They have taken so much from the creators. It's absolute HORSESHIT!! and it pisses me off. 2. I cannot tell you how many radio shows that I've heard that are absolute garbage. You guys should have a show ASAP… especially with your ability to talk sports, pop culture etc.. in a way that engages the listener/watcher. Maybe I will put my own forum up and allow creators to go at it… Now I know that sounds like a pie in the sky idea but I am serious. There are plenty of cloud providers out there..not to mention hardware options to get this done. 3. I'd really like to see more people providing feedback when asked because Team MUP really needs to understand what their base wants. Just a few quick thoughts and I hope its been helpful.

    I will get more educated about Patreon so I know how it works – I am just concerned the number of contrbutors wont be enough for y'all to sustain this out of the gate… I've started sharing "The Cast" even more. Generally those people I engage really enjoy watching you fools. Love the new studio and as always will do what I can to support your growth..

  14. Yooooo the most underrated moving up the charts on the comedy casts! Franchise, the way you feel about sports betting is the same way I feel about online poker. I was into party poker and poker stars sit and go’s heavy on my parents dial-up internet. If we got a phone call I would get booted off the hand and would have to try to log back on as fast as possible to not lose my $50 buy in (it was the wild Wild West of internet gambling!) They made it illegal because they weren’t getting their cut of the tax money. Not Good! Dal I’m on the lookout for a UPS guy wearing your Aquafresh joints. Nobody messes with your GOAT reputation. TTF you should have key’ed up Hammers 2 Legit 2 Quit! Also I’ll say it -if you have a closet full of fakes get outta my face! Edelman’s getting paid because he’s the Pats #1 receiver who’s irreplaceable unlike Welker and Amendola he hasn’t passed his peak. The Pat’s would have beat the Eagles and have 3 rings in a row if he was healthy! I think that MWF shorter casts would be more digestible for most, thanks for sticking up for your boy, I got nothing but love for you fools!

  15. SANDSTORM! DAMN I STILL DROP THIS JOINT AT THE CLUBS! DUDE watching Dal dance to this was amazing! LMFAO crying right now! bahahahah . BTW Dal, the Fear of God Raids are really that narrow? my foot is on the wider side so 0.5 size up? I'm really digging this shoe. I think it would look dope with dark blue jogger jeans.

  16. My 9 year old daughter drains free throws like John Stockton. Sorry Giannis but no MVP for you. Nothing but love tho. SO PISSED about the Bucks but the Raptors earned it. I will say, The Bucks created a nightmare matchup for Golden State. Toronto may get swept.

  17. The more expensive Supreme tees are cut n sew. They aren’t listed under tees instead you’ll find them under tops and sweaters. Not sure about the other listeners but when I picture Muzzy I see him as a 320lb hybrid of Stringer x Dal. 😂

  18. What's up fellas I have to disagree with ttf on the Juwan Howard hiring he hasn't accomplished anything as a coach. They rushed into that hire and what happened to all the big names bring thrown out as possible candidates for the job and what is Jalen rose talking about bringing the program back? The program was at it's beat under beilein. Mike the man is right I would like to see content 5 days from the channel. I would love to hear 5 cast a week. I'm not getting enough lol. Great cast again boys

  19. Another 🔥 cast! What ever happen to the supreme hot wheels car? Can’t wait for same day casts. Keep pushing out great content fellas.

  20. Also GOAT is the GOAT, by the way, I have been fucked by stockx so many times I can't count, they are straight villians. Goat has ALWAYS taken care of my needs with customer service and Stock x has always given the 'L', man fuck Stockx and FUCK JOSH LUBER. also my IG: @boostdadcanada

  21. So those crimson/black 1s that dropped a week or so ago were bricks in my opinion. But check out some photos online where people are painting the side panels and toe box white and giving it Art Basel vibes. I'm gonna try and get them on sale and throw $100 into em and do them justice.

    And speaking on customs…did you notice Nike already got the react presto as an option to customize through NikeID? I always wanted Adidas to give us that opportunity with the classic Boost models (E.Q.T., NMD, Pharrell). We've had a couple chances with the Ultraboost xeno & multicolor packs, but why take the miadidas climacools away? & Where was our MiAdidas Ultraboost 1.0, 2.0, & 3.0? So many missed opportunities…

  22. Another FIRE CAST, my only comment regarding how you would like to rework the format is personally if there is anything that can be done to give us more (5 days a week) that is what I would be signing up for and gladly jump on the patreon bandwagon for that kind of content! however you decide to go I am all in! this is the best thing on the net, but let's goooooo with some merch homies, I want your SCRUFF image on a hoodie to rep the cast when I travel all over north America for work!

  23. Tried looking up the Fab 5s accomplishments but they seem to be wiped from the record books 😂 go bucks….. ig officialpolosnjays

  24. The only cut time should be by that center of attention fool with that stupid red beanie. D.P & Jay should have more air time, it’s so awkward to see him on his phone instead of interacting in the podcast.

  25. Another great cast. As far as the new plan, I think you should go with the shortened cast. Would love to one day get 3 a week so shortening them would make that possible. I trust your decisions. Since day 1 the cast has only become better.

    Thank you Thomas for putting me on to James Holzhauer. I used to watch Jeopardy all the time but it got to be boring and I lost interest. James is making the show exciting and I tune in to watch him go through questions like the answers are written on index cards. I just don't get it! How can this man have SO MUCH knowledge. The other day he was spelling foreign politician's names and today he was able to name Travis Scott's Sicko Mode. This is why he can't be beat. He knows the nerdy AND the pop culture knowledge. These scholars who compete with him wouldn't even know who Travis Scott was. This guy is just INSANE. I think I like him so much because he's showing these "smart" people he competes against that book knowledge isn't everything. Sorry for the long comment but I'd love to hear your opinion on this.

  26. I’m good with whatever y’all end up doing. I usually watch you guys when I get home from work and by that time I’m eating dinner + smoking some weed and winding down.

  27. Whaddup playahs!
    I think a good way to cut the runtime down on "Tha 'Cast" (see what I did thur hurhurhur), would be to give us just a quick view and some backstory if any of the kicks on the cast, and then save the full details, styling tips for the full review coming later in the week. That way you can do more cross promoting of your videos outside of Tha 'Cast, e.g. the complete shoe review, style tips, vlogging the actual cop of the shoe, comparisons, etc.

    Pains me to say "cut some of the shoe stuff out" cuz it's what I vibe with the most with you guys but it could be for the better? 😭

    Anyways, keep it up boys. Throw some fertilizer on dis biyatch, cuz we growin'! And of course the Fits looking Phresh! TTF with the red, Dal with the yellow accents… look good, feel good. 🤙🏽

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