The Most Expensive Marijuana Strains In The World – High Priced Cannabis

Port City Alternative – Stockton’s Premiere Marijuana Dispensary – Cannabis strains are either pure or hybrid varieties of the plant …


  1. i and many others would prefer if you just got to the point of the video, i get your trying to be funny but we would prefer a more educational then comedic video.

  2. It's falking G U A M !!! most expensive herb and it's just regular weed nothing eeeeven special just lame stinking locals

  3. Government wants to get everyone hooked on bud then make it a crime again to fill up new prisons. Its the industry of the future..
    People warehouses …

  4. Dank video, check out my marijuana vids in my page if that what you like. Much love to all cannabis users… You rock…

  5. That first pic of white fire of is a plant with frost on it… Those are not trics… Not even close… Thats actually a very very old pic of an unknown strain.

  6. this guy's a doofus for one and for two I dont even know what to make of his explanation for number 3 reminds me of the weather teams

  7. I’ve smoked all of them. They don’t even compare to the bud in the 80s and 90s. This weed would be laughed at back then.

  8. all the strains he mentioned i can sell you a pound for 15 hundred just contact my whatsapp or text +1 669 253 6785

  9. $40-50 an eighth is still normal. Most people dont sell crap anymore. If they do they are ripping you off.

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