1. Don't let yourself be fooled by this knowitall idiot. Cannabis abuse can cause schizophrenia and other disorders.

  2. Smoking Cannabis and using it as Cannabis oil have 2 different effects. Medical Cannabis oil can cure many illnesses including Cancers. But smoking cannabis is intoxication which damages your memory and mentally makes you lazy as fcuk and stupid. Smoking it everyday will effect your health, life, respect and relationships.

  3. Did Dorian smoke weed during his Mr Olympia run?Dorian is the real mcoy.Absolutley nothing wrong with smoking dope,except for the expensive munchie food bill following a blazing session.Dorian brought size along with paper skin thin conditioning,that might never be matched again.I salute Dorian Yates,93 photo shoot transcended bodybuilding!

  4. Thanks Dorian and Brian. Some actual thinking! A rarity these days. Most arguments against cannabis are just bs.

  5. Maybe interview someone who actually knows about weed. DY has no idea what he is talking about. He is a proponent and that it. His information is all sort of right but not accurate.

  6. Bob Marley a prolific smoker of weed…died of cancer..plus Olivia newton john has cancer again for the 3rd time despite her husband owning a medical marijuana business in California she admits to taking it for pain…bu it hasn't stopped the cancer returning…fake news from mr fake muscle

  7. Let’s smoke weed to chill, inject testosterone for strength, take some dmt for spiritual awakening… let’s be natural…
    Fucking retarded people. We do not need to buy shit in order to feel happy

  8. Im born and raised in humboldt county…..37 years old first started smoking at 13….took a couple years off (22-26) because of P.A.D. that i felt weed (and blow t,o be fair) contributed too. Anyways, i have easy access to recreational weed AND home grown… Every time I buy weed from the store it makes me sneeze amd my throat itch….i believe "they" are spraying it with something in the "testing" lab…. something along the lines of Spice or Salvia…..and that is facts

  9. Yates is soooooo much more that just a former 6x Olimpia winner. This man is very deep he is also wise.

  10. The American Gov. Wants everything that works and is good for you to be illegal and difficult to acquire. Why? There is no money to be made. There is no money to be made in a cure. But by god cigarettes and beer are killing people at a rate you can measure by the second and its perfectly legal.

  11. Dorian is right on many things regarding this topic, but I have to disagree on one point, cannabis can most certainly trigger a latent psychosis in many individuals, I've seen it with many many patients (I'm a doctor) and it's also widely well described in many medical studies and books. So can other drugs like cocaine and hallucinogens. But I most definitely still regard alcohol and opiods as much more destructive than cannabis

  12. Cannabis does not kill cancer cells either thats a total myth. At face value it does but the tests are flawed, they extract a single cancer cell then expose it to thc and it appears to destroy it. Problem is a lot of chemicals do in that setting, it's completely different when its growing inside of a human body.

  13. I like Dorian, but cannabis does have negative effects on mental health. The link between cannabis and schizophrenia is huge! Do your own research, don't take Dorians word for it, he's not a psychologist or a doctor

    WARNING: Triggered weed smokers commenting below. Reading comments may lower IQ.

  14. That's why many societies here in Africa we never really believed in this misinformation about cannabis, we have been using it as treatment for a long time.

  15. Tired of lazy people with no discipline blaming weed for their paranoia or any other mental issues. Stop abusing it. It’s not weed’s fault some people can’t postpone gratitude or operate with some degree of discipline.

  16. What's wrong with being sober? Any drug used recreationally is used to alter ones perception of things. If someone feels the need to do this regularly they are clearly not at ease with themselves or their surroundings. They are addicted to a drug induced alternative.

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