The Many Benefits of CBD – A Civilized Short

James Skinner and Tom Larochelle of Two Sweet Boys are at it again in a short film collaboration with Civilized. When our main character Kevin heads on over …


  1. As someone who works in a smoke shop that sells CBD, theres plenty of situations that its beneficial, but jfc its not gonna solve the hunger crisis

  2. I know its a parody but you know theres gonna be that one dumbass who tries to drop cbd oil in his dick to see if it works

  3. As an avid Toastmaster, I actually recently won the Best Speaker award for my speech on CBD. However, I was careful to remind the audience that A. I am not a doctor and that they should consult with theirs before trying any new supplement and B. CBD is not a cure-all for everything, and to be wary of people (like this delightful parody) who claim it to be.

    I personally enjoy smoking CBD hemp in 'bud' form when at parties. As a finance grad still trying to get a job, I am abstaining from the 'real deal', however I find CBD bud helps me to enjoy my hobby and be 'one of the gang' without risking my entire future. Much of the cannabis ritual is still present in grinding, savoring of terpenes, vaporizing or smoking and enjoying the taste, too! It's not for everyone, but I've found this use works for me personally.

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