1. The Spirits led me to you. Soooooo thankful. New sub Looking forward to watching all of your videos. 💞✌️Namaste

  2. Mugwort is all over the lot where I grow my garden. Quite invasive and a struggle to garden around, but I do love having it. I knew of a few uses of the plant, but after this video, I think I will start using it more, especially for a digestive tincture and smudge stick.

  3. Mugwort is great stuff! It was used to make herbal ales in europe before the alcohol laws. Hence the "wort of the mug" Make a tea out of it, filter it, add brown sugar or molasses and bread yeast (good for processed sugars and let it bubble. Great for digestion, revelry and shifting conciousness. Cheers!

  4. You call it "Non-intrusive, very gentle". It's considered an invasive here in Maine. Granted it's no purple loosestrife, but let's remember that just because we like a plant doesn't mean it plays nice in the ecosystem. Then you say "Artemisia Family, with the Sages". Sages are in the Lamiaceae, not in the Rosaceae. And as I don't believe in evil spirits, I guess I should just stop watching this video now.

  5. I live in northern England and mugwort grows around here I've transferred some into my garden too. I use it mainly as incense by crushing and rubbing the dry leaves it becomes like cotton wool, I press this into a cone shape and light the top.

  6. I’m getting confusing and conflicting information. I picked what I believe to be what Yarrow is showing here and it had a strong cologne aroma to it.
    Anyway on a few herbal groups on FB they have told me it’s not mugwort. I’m not sure I believe them though. What I’ve looked up shows what I picked is mugwort.
    They keep telling and showing me it looks like a sage with simple paddle leaves.

    They also tell me what picked is ragweed.

    Yarrow can you tell me anything that would help me? I live in country in Oklahoma..

  7. Beautiful video! Thank you! Those are very tall ones. I have mine and they are just on pots. They crawl. It is interesting to see many varieties! I like making teas for my period cramps and also smudgesticks! 😊

  8. I gathered a bale of mugwort last week. I use it topically, internally, and in moxibustion. Great for keeping away evil spirits too!

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