The Liquid Lounge 04 : Marvin Washington bring football and cannabis together

Live from New West Summit, Join MediaJel co-founders Jake Litke and Aaron Silverman for a conversation with former NFL defensive end and CEO of ISODIOL, …


  1. If you missed the cannabis Superbowl commercial that was not allowed to air, check it out. Ryan Miller, who I am proud to call a friend, is one of the showcased stories. This video is amazing and needs to become mainstream topics to help with the NFL CBD discussion. As a former player myself, I can attest to the pain and stress that tormented my body. CBD is a great way to address some of this and it needs to be looked at for both football and also other athlete recovery protocols. Share this video if you feel the same!

  2. The NFL and cannabis are a hot topic, specifically in the CBD products. Watch this video for some great discussion around this topic!

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