The Great Deception: Government's War Against Cannabis

(00:00) Introduction (2:13) Part 1: The Rose That Grew From Concrete (5:17) Part 2: The Great Lie (10:38) Part 3: Marijuana’s Effect on Society (13:37) Part 4: …


  1. Our state is making a deception of Cannabis. They are altering the oil,
    it is missing something. And they won't allow natural buds, yet. They just can't leave the miracle alone.
    Save Your Seeds! Under all circumstances, question the motives of authority. Do not be baffled by the bullshit, get high and think about it awhile instead.

  2. When the government tell us something is bad for us it is usually quite the opposite, don’t understand these government people they say they want the best for us when really they don’t give a shit they just want us under control and keep us in line, there liners and corrupt, great videos tho pal keep up the good work.

  3. I’m using the Rick Simpson protocol to treat my pancreatic cancer. So far so good. Using a combo of diet and THC , CBD oils. Tracking my progress via my YouTube videos , ‘My cancer journey without chemo or surgery’.

  4. @ The Angry Hippie . Google Gemma Moss (uk)the media does try its war. Also Sir David Attenborough said on his planet earth documentary, about plastic, that we could not totally ban it. At 15,42 you show that in fact it can be banned. Obviously storage time might cause complications to our current way of consuming, but hey is Sir David for the benefit of this planet or corpocracy ? (A personal 3 minute video to him might champion him to the hemp cause) – And hey if he doesn't become hemps paladin, then at least we all will know he is just another media figure-head Bullshitter.
    Great work btw

  5. 😇❤️anche Mussolini rase al suolo il Canavese per fare la guerra😥tutti si agitarono dicono perché il corpo sente i sopprusi però abbiamo nascosto le piante 🤣😜😇
    Per scaldarvi cerca Buddha 😂😇

  6. Glad the economic reasons for illegality were mentioned didn’t a un report come to that conclusion too? Great videos peace

  7. Sad how it all came about because of greed. It's almost embarrassing. Another great upload mate thank you. Peace and love

  8. Proof they don't want cures is there have been many who have cured cancer, Burzynski in Dallas for one, they drag him thru court for over 20 years because he cured patients they sent home to die. Also, Dr. Wallack cured MD and told Jerry Lewis about it and he was so excited and the telethon was about to air in a few days, and they fired him, saying it would ruin the telethon….Jerry spent his whole life trying to find a cure for it when all along it was a nutritional deficiency. And they didn't want anyone to know there is a cure for it just like cancer.

  9. Yep, a miracle herb, put here for us to use to heal and help humanity in so many ways. I would love to have an earthship, you can use old tires and bottles and hemp to build it, and it grows your own food. I think they started prohibition because the native americans used it for spiritual purposes too so they couldn't have that when they put them on the reservation. The pharmacutical company made a synthetic version and so totally crazy because how can you improve on perfection of nature? Yes, they don't want us to cure ourselves, big pharma, the lumber industry don't want it because they will lose business….kinda like how Tesla's free energy was shut down by the Bankster Chase because he invested in copper wiring and couldn't put a meter on it. Amsterdam has it legal as well as other drugs and their crime rate is VERY low. They need war because it makes money and then there is the blood sacrifice, as in 9/11 because they can't get their war on terror if they didn't kill thousands of people and try to blame it on some guys from the middle east who were alive and well over there. We know these big pharma and big industry don't want hemp or cannibus legal. They gave 98 million americans cancer SD40 in the polio vaccines from money cells they grew it in, and continue to keep us sick with their so called unhealth care. They even got a patent on it so they KNOW how much a miracle it is. If we grew hemp and stopped cutting down the trees, and brought out the free energy technology, we could turn this around very quickly…also hemp does detox the earth, soil and grows so fast, we could replace all those tree products and oil/fossil fuels and the possibilities are endless.

  10. What causes cancer from smoking cigarettes? Radioactive particles. Big Tobacco knew radioactive particles in cigarettes posed cancer risk. Slow kill or soft kill is used extensively on us by our controllers. Statins were never about reducing heart disease, in fact they actually cause heart disease and complications leading to death, plus osteoporosis, which is not a side effect, it is the effect. This is from their studies…yet people are still taking them.

    Vaccines, chemo, radiation, opioids, fluoride, meth, cocaine etc…these are tools, to soft kill us, damage us and to create a life long sick customer for the medical industrial complex. When the government says they care about you, then you know there's money to be made.
    Milk is white poison. Still on the shelves. Studies prove how harmful milk is…still legal.

    Are these items dangerous to our health?

    Aspartame? carbonated drinks? Sugar? White Flour? Whiskey? Glyphosate? GMOs…everyone of these items damage our system. Fluoride causes cancer, brain damage, and ADHD, so says their research, and there's a reason Europe doesn't allow it in their water…the same with GMOs. Gee, what do they know?

    The government is in the business of protecting corporations, not people. Smoking pot is not about health, its about control of the masses and makes a lot of shady people wealthy, by keeping it suppressed. 

    In ancient times, a "Poisoner" was in demand by the ruling class, because they knew how to mix heavy metals, blood and toxins, to kill someone slowly…this term was changed in the late 1500s, to "witch" so that King Jame's witch burning program could prosper. The very same cocktail they would create, is the very same ingredients in vaccines.

    pharmacy (n.)
    late 14c., "a medicine," from Old French farmacie "a purgative" (13c.), from Medieval Latin pharmacia, from Greek pharmakeia "use of drugs, medicines, potions, or spells; poisoning, witchcraft; remedy, cure," from pharmakeus (fem. pharmakis) "preparer of drugs, poisoner, sorcerer" from pharmakon "drug, poison, philter, charm, spell, enchantment."

    FDA’s corruptocratic oath: First do maximum harm, to keep Big Pharma happy…

    Cannabis in not a drug. 

    Cannabis is not about the gov caring so much for our well being, they need to protect us. Its used as excuse to invade your house, car or country…legally. The War on Drugs is a war on people…a war on us. 
    We waste billions every year with the ridiculous notion you can legislate morals. Guess where that wasted money ends up?

    It use to be law, in America, that you had to grow pot. Hemp has always played a huge role in the Navy, for sails, lines…source of protein from the seeds, it was a valuable commodity until, they found out how much money could be made from it, by making it illegal…something that alcohol prohibition taught them. Al Capone made more money in one year, then our government…hence why they took him down, not because they cared about people's drinking habits.

  11. This video deserves to be seen by all! Thank you for your work brother, I feel there is real hope for a total revolution, global awakening and reformation of human society. It's not just about cannabis though as you have said, but I was beyond glad to hear that cannabis was legalized in Canada, I am sure more countries will follow this year 🙂 go in peace my friend

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  13. Great summary of all this stuff going on involving weed! I really enjoyed it 😉
    Maybe write those huge sums of profit out as their number, so people can actually see what amount you're talking about is on the line for corporations.
    The truth is rarely hard, but often seen <3

  14. Folks don't mention this much, but the war on drugs has also made most Americans hate and despise the police and yes, even hate our politicians that run the government. I'm 69, I remember before the war on drugs, people loved their police and firefighters. Today, folks still love their firefighters, but most today, still hate and mistrust the police and what they stand for. This goes way to the core of our society, another very high price to pay for the lost war on drugs!

  15. really well made video. I hope others that deny the positive effects of cannabis gain some insight from this

  16. Reagan and Nixon did so much damage, then the American pharma industry kept it going. I think it's a little naive to claim cannabis as a miracle drug that can treat so many ailments, but it's important to put bias aside and extensively study the plant in each of these cases. The medical community has a lot of catching up to do with regards to the application of this plant.

    Here in the UK we still see the suppression of this plant by the two major political parties, they go as far as to fire advisors when they do their job and advise the government that this plant and other drugs should be made legal and be allowed to be medically tested.

    We're seeing good results with MDMA being used to treat PTSD, psilocybin and ketamine being used to treat addiction and depression. These compounds have unusual effects while under the influence so governments are afraid to approve them. But they're happy to throw downers like benzodiazepines and opiates at the populace to lay a false blanket of pain relief over us.

    edit: If governments were actually concerned with the health and wellbeing of their citizens they would decriminalise all drugs. Countries that have done this have proven that addiction rates go down, users become healthier, crime goes down, and police/health services have more resources. As you highlighted in this video, it's about control and monopolies. We should be free agents to make choices about what to put in our own bodies.

    I've said it before but I really love your channel. You speak about topics that I have deep interest in and you get me to think about these topics that I feel are at the core of the human experience. Much love, brother.

  17. Good video, albeit some unsubstantiated theories. The facts rest in the medicinal benefits and largely harmless side effects as well as the resource productive properties – all scientifically proven and well documented. I disagree in the plant creating a global resource based economy, that’s a nice thought but exclusive when considering we live on a dynamically resource faceted planet. Hippies were prosecuted for other reasons aside from marijuana usage and progressive ideology to include, not the least of which, many more harmful synthetic drugs and narcotics. Most marijuana users do not intend to harvest the plant for world peace and measurably greener energy either, lets not kid ourselves. I’d love to see more education focused on the benefits of recreationally smoking the drug as a means to safely withdraw from alcohol and other addictive substances of which it is proven to help cure. Fighting the real systemic cause of people’s fear in the plant first and foremost has not been achieved yet.

  18. So what is th age to start at cause alot of teenagera will see this and think they can smoke all day.

  19. Cannabis is a gift from the earth..Truly a miracle plant..Hopefully the world is slowly but surely waking up to its benefits …Great vid 👍

  20. Great video, my friend. Perhaps 2020 will be the year people begin to open their eyes to this little plant. 😊

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