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  2. It should be the FIRST line of defense rather than an exit drug!!!! When our physicians are free to share this information, that is when you will see the opioid crisis fall to its knees!!!

  3. So glad it has gotten legal here in Canada , I was on many medications few years ago cause of an autoimmune disease . All those medications left me with long term side effects even after I stopped taking them .


  5. Well I prefer cannabis over most things, I'm not a alcholic but I do drink less and I have no real immediate urge to smoke cigs much anymore, but I'm not a addictive personality type in general, except for caffeine like soda still haven't kicked that yet

  6. As a pain patient, suffering from chronic pain caused by brain cancer, and its treatments, Medicinal Marijuana helps me manage my pain. I agree 100% with this. Thumbs up, and added to favorites.

  7. I'm now going on 8 days sober from hydrocodone and tramadol. My last dosages were high and that when I realized I can't go on like this. I'm losing my money, my time and my life. I started marijuana again I was taking it with the opioids and noticed that I was taking less when I had cannabis with me so I decided to try it, but this time I was going cold turkey.

    Now, for a backstory, I've been on and withdrawal from these opiates for 13 years. The dosages weren't high just 4 of 5 a day. But, this time it was different I binged down almost 200 tramadols within a week and consumed about 23 50mg Tramadol in a less than 10 hour period. I hand dwindle what was suppose to last two months into an almost 2-week span. Not a day later I got 12 hydrocodone and within another 10 hour period only 4 were left and that next day I took them. That was the last time I had them. The next day I woke up and started crying. Not cause I knew withdrawal was gonna come, but this time intervention happened. My doctor was raided which meant no more pain meds. He was over prescribing me. I played into it and wouldn't admit to the things I did and money I wasted (lots I mean) on these fucking drugs.

    That day I went through like the 5 stages of grief. The next day I felt free, but I knew my recovery was gonna be hard and my mind being bipolar and going through manic and depressive episodes will always play against me. In fact, that drug was a crutch to my illness. All those times I had to go without it I acted like a spoiled brat doing what they could to get that drug that made me numb to who I was. There was a time I was healthy working out, eating well and living life. Then with one pill, it all ended that's what I thought and that's what that drug makes you feel. It's like an abusive relationship you keep coming back to cause you think this time is different and it never fucking is.

    So, I started smoking cannabis to help and it's helping. As an illustrator, I suffer a lot of aches and pains and as you know going through opiate withdrawal the pain you had before amplifies to 9000. With cannabis, I just feel discomfort and take some ibuprofen. Luckily, my psychologist understood, but here's the thing I have to be careful since I'm on Klonopin ( a benz0 for anxiety) and Ambien for insomnia. So, I gotta plan out my day which gave me something to do. Being only day 8 my strength is coming back granted the pain is still there and the mental stress is there, but with cannabis and starting to be the person I was before these drugs have helped.

    At the end of it, all rock bottom doesn't mean the climb back up can't be at least a little easy. For us, with mental illness, I say this I know numbing the pain and trying to take away the feelings of sadness and get that extra boost when your manic seems like a good idea, but running from ourselves will only hurt us and could kill us. We have to acknowledge our illness not hide it through opiates or more hardcore drugs. At the end of the day our pain, the struggle to feel it makes life real. It makes it worth living and worth working harder. Yes, we will always have our mental illness and instead of running from it we have to face it and accept the help we need. If I can sit here and look myself in the face and say "You got this, bitch." then I know for a fucking fact someone else can cause I'm not the best person, but I'm getting there.

    I say cannabis should be legal in all states. It's ridiculous how it's looked at and it's all through the eyes of big pharma. Y'all know there some congress or senators smokin some herb. Let's not lie, but the drug companies own them and that's not good business when people stop using their drugs in favor of a more safer option to help their pain and whatever else.

  8. Cannabis is safe and effective, but does not provide the Trillions of Dollars that synthesized pain medications do. So, what do we do? Well, let's legalize cannabis with a caveat…. you cannot grow your own and you must buy from an approved & licensed store with excessive taxes that go to the state for unknown uses (i.e. pocket lining).

  9. This was all intentional. A weak, addicted, sick society is easier to control and justifies police state mentality and draconian laws.

  10. Canada made Cannabis legal as of this passed October 17th, so we're moving in the right direction, sort of.

  11. how does the cannabis help with withdrawal symptoms? I wish doctors prescribed cannabis before giving me opioids.

  12. Weeds legal in Australia, well it is in my house, the law can kick my door in, they can send me to prison ( witch they have ) but I am an Adult an a Christian man that has the ok from God to use his miracle plant to heal so yea weed is legal at my house

  13. Cannabis is the ONLY medicine that has successfully helped me with my PTSD but because I live in Australia and it's illegal here, I'm considered a criminal and a low life for using it. It's just wrong and it makes me sick that it's still illegal in this day and age.

  14. get on Suboxone and ween down to quarter or less and horde quality organic cannabis think more ppl could kick if u can grow ur own

  15. The FDA won’t change cannibus from a Scheduled 1 drug because if they did and it was made legal Federally they wouldn’t be able to cash in on it because people can grow it themselves.

  16. the crisis is not from no proper treatment but its rather from mismanagement from the process from the lab to the distributer and the high that comes from the profits.. or rather creates and uses loop holes to make profits , the problem is not treatment but rather its a prevention issue .

  17. Hey!!! Fucking kids, WEED IS ONLY GOOD FOR PEOPLE WITH ACTUAL PHYSICAL PAIN, not some fucking kid pretending to have a back problem

  18. I'm beginning to get it down pat myself – trial and error. A 12:3 CBS/THC ratio seems to work well for daytime and even evening but pure CBD during the day… I'm getting there. Much more expensive than prescriptions but fewer side effects.

  19. Join the Hemp Industrial Revolution Movement. Education Leads to Total Legalization and Decriminalization of Cannabis. Education Leads to Empowerment. Take back your Life by demanding accountability by your governmental leadership.

  20. You're using the so-called "Opioid Epidemic" to push your pro-marijuana agenda. As a long time chronic pain sufferer with a wrecked back and the MRIs to prove it, I can tell you that marijuana does NOT alleviate my pain. If it did, I'd gladly use it. I've tried pure CBD oil too, and all that did was eventually give me hives… NO relief. Marijuana makes me eat too much, be too paranoid to even answer my phone, and eventually puts me to sleep. There's is no way I could function normally while stoned. I take 45 mgs of Oxycodone a day to manage my pain. I'd prefer not to have to deal with that hassle, but it's all that works, and I've successfully managed to take it for about eight years now without the addiction problems that some people who lack self-control have experienced. If you want to smoke pot, that's your business, but don't throw responsible "Opioid" users under the bus by suggesting that becoming a pothead will solve our pain problems.

  21. get some new fucking content on this channel. all this shit is old. should have at least 1 new vid per WEEK. not like every 3 months. cmon WM.

  22. As a recovering addict i can tell you first hand that cannabis has helped me with my psychosis and all other mental and body issues that come with recovering from long term drug use. STAY STRONG.

  23. Govenment and big pharma with doctors turned people on and then took it away when it went out of controle… Canabis is naturally safe and very usefull. Give humans back the herb take it away from control by law for profit.

  24. the only way cannabis can kill you is if 100 lbs of it fell on your head from 3 stories up (or higher) !

  25. I don't get why you guys insist on sending people in California to illegal shops, mind you with poor service, they answer to know one with no regulations. Without these enforcements we are left with subpar medication. Your users deserve better.

  26. The Feds don't want weed legalized because it will not kill you as fast as they would like it to. Like alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceutical, fast food. If they can get your FICA money from you check for 40 to 50 years and then you die from alcoholism, lung cancer, obesity, pharma overdose, Then your social security money is in there hands and not yours. Then they take that money and give it to the illegal people that just jump the border yesterday in the form of welfare. We live in a free country LOL you can buy porn, guns, ammo, poison, tobacco, alcohol but not weed that came from water and a seed. How petty and stupid is that???

  27. Awful side effects of opioids after I had surgery for cancer. The opioids I received inpatient are effective, but very addictive. Even inpatient, I noticed that I always wanted more. Thank god it was regulated when I took them. I have been a regular user of cannabis, and other products to help relieve chronic pain I have post-op, and I have been off opioids since being discharged. The key-word is Medicinal Marijuana, rather than recreational. As long as this medicine is regulated, I think it is exponentially better than opioids. As long as, in the long run, this medicine doesn’t cause harm, it should be used to help regulate pain.

  28. Can confirm. after motorcycle accident with both legs, both hands and my neck affected, addicted to opioids in the hospital, clean a month after thanks to cannabis

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