The Big Marijuana Glut of 2019

Pot and cannabis are at risk from a huge glut. Subscribe: Just about every marijuana producer is creating more and more pot by the day, …


  1. shit tobacco ciggs is 98% above cost via corporate greed, taxes, etc… these "dispensaries" bitching about only getting 20-30 bucks an 1/8 are going to be gone when Marlboro roles them up with their machinery and cab sell a carton 10-20 bucks but will probably be rigged at 45-65 a carton

  2. ha , from someone who uses every day..? ya I agree the looming over-production is worrisome.. ..but I still put huge $$ into canntrust hoping CBD oil is going to prove a very big deal in the future. …I suspect many people will get tired of getting high and slowly move to CBD . …what's even more scary is what CRONOS is planning to do… genetically design yeast to fart out thc / cbd molecules and vat produce it . …I think it can already be done.. maybe even make it smell like lemon …. but maybe working out kinks? to avoid nasty by-products? …then that will completely destroy the growers… so I am staying away from them… acb, cgc, even apha…. I will probably actually want to sell my CTST in the next year or so…

  3. Hey Peter. Can I get you're thoughts on GORO? You talked about them a few months ago, they are back down even though Gold is still decent and the Isabella Pearl is set to start production (which will double annual gold) in the next 5-6 weeks! What's going on?

  4. Weed will be the biggest bust industry of the century…in Oregon and Washington State they have over built outlets and many are already going out of business. Guess not as many people smoke weed as Hollywood would have you believe ..notice nearly every modern movie has some reference about smoking weed and everyone in the movies always can't wait to smoke some weed …pretty pathetic.

    **Peter…OFF TOPIC: Have you heard about Meme' ticker MENEF (OTC) MENE (TSX) in my opinion this company has an amazing business model, Mene makes ONLY 24K (solid) Gold Jewelry. The company has been around just over one year and the investors page has a presentation explaining the incredible market share available, margins, and current revenue growth …over 50% in the last quarter! I plan on adding to my 10K shares each quarter this year…let me know your thoughts ….one slide on the company investment page shows how regular retail jewelry loses 80-90% of the purchase price at the point of sale…whereas Mene jewelry retains 75-80% of the purchase price at point of sale, can increase in value over time, and get this… Mene will buy back your piece at anytime for the current market value of the GOLD!! That is an unreal business model …I might mortgage the house on this sucker! lol..seriously only kidding, but this one looks good to me, brother, so let me know your thoughts …keep the good content coming and thanks for all you do Peter!

  5. I am into the ones that have production but also brands and "brick and mortar" outlets…kind of expensive but then again the real business is getting to charge prices — not costs. I believe the big farms are going to sell for less and less but this will still be a massive profit and the shops are going to have a "market will bear it" situation and continue to charge reasonable prices.
    Since 1996 every dispensary in California was required to have it's own production. Still I fully suggest investing in stocks that have a stake in the retail price and even the farms are going to be good investments over the next 20 years. The very large "P to E"s reported today will largely be seen as a fraud as the seed-to-sale tracking is fully implemented. You would have been very wise if you invested in liquor right as prohibition was lifted but then again as any "venture investment" you have to expect at least 70% of your top picks might totally fail you. Also expect that you have lots of time at the current prices or even lower as the companies are capitalizing and making more investments (if they are even worth your investment). I would list some of my top holdings but I suppose that this just isn't the place….

  6. pot stocks are a bubble im avoiding I have dealt with bubbles esp in products and merchandising hot items 6 months is the life spans now get in get out -now to our health talks im using my ewot system and I noticed my endurance is going up im not having cold feet or tingling in fingers now after 4 -15 minute sessions im guessing by 20 uses I should see huge results . riding stationary bike and lifting weights I bio hack my body like high altitude training hold my breath then when my body goes in fight or flight mode I breathe this opens one up and makes one receptive to the oxygen . as far as pot the best delivery system is to freeze a watered mug then let pot smoke rise up into mug while its upside down then drink it also with oxygen therapy any herbs/minerals/vitamins will circulate better during therapy . heres the unit I purchased —

  7. I get the point, but weed "cures" it doesn't go off, it is like fine wine if stored correctly. Over production may be an issue, but this guy doesn't know the product very well

  8. Thanks yet again Peter. i'm not making profits yet, but the more I get into your course and the watch videos like this the smaller my loses are becoming.You and your team are awesome.

  9. The farm land in Oregon where I grew up used to be grass fields for horses and hay. Last year there were 2 fields of cannabis and this year, nearly every field is converting cannabis. It’s yet another bubble unfolding before our eyes. Sadly many of these first year farmers will realize massive losses as soon as the price dips as startup costs are very high. My Dad looked into growing 4 acres and it’s just too too expensive and risky. Crop insurance companies might take a massive hit too.

  10. What about as all the new states that come on line selling marijuana, won’t they need these producers to bring in supply – causing growth?

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