The best Marijuana documentary ever

The best marijuana documentary ever Hands down the best pot documentary ever. This is not my video I found it and had to post it. I do not own any rights to it.


  1. I’m pretty sure this is, “The Union”
    When I see Joe Rogan, I’ll know!
    Thanks for posting this. I couldn’t find it by searching the name!

  2. “Is marijuana a gateway drug”
    “Idky but ik it is!”
    Brainwashing at its finest fuckin sodas a gateway drug I started off with Pepsi moved to dr.pepper then to coke. I made the switch to coke like 2 weeks ago and I can’t stand the taste of Dr Pepper or Pepsi anymore:p

  3. I'm actually happy that milk was the gateway drug that lead me to malt liquor …Rates up there with divorce is the result of marriage ty

  4. i just think it's very idiotic that the world moving towards oblivion when there are so many ways of reducing or reciprocating the 'end of the world' status. #WeedIsTheFuture

  5. The war on drugs is a joke. I'm victim of it. The war on drugs needs to focus on the people dealing with heroin and other drugs that claim lives.

  6. Look at the weed trail of states in US that are illegal. It ends down south and starts in Idaho.

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