1. At some point would you do a test review on the Rapid led 75 watt cob by chance? I'm very Interested on how this light will hold up against other cobs and led lighting

  2. Ok kids… pay attention. This man is gonna break down about 25 years of grow bulb teck in 10 min. Hes absolutely correct. Do not argue cause your wrong. He is basically judge and jury for grow light tech.

  3. Look at this brand compared to black dog and kind and optic. A lot of videos and this garbage shit is inferior to all those brands even knock off brands like greengo shit on migro

  4. I really appreciate the video. It comes across as genuinely unbiased though you do not hide you have a dog in the fight. I love raw data when making a decision especially if collected by someone knowledgeable about typical procedures for repeatable testing. Postings by others say they get similar numbers giving me more faith in the data. I know testing all brands is impossible and hopefully you did not purposefully exclude competitors with better performing products. Thank you for this video and I look forward to watching your others. I will likely buy one of your lights because it is modular and to support this channel. I'll likely buy the Fluence as well for my 4*4 test room.

  5. oh yours would be the best and you concluded that with how meany crops grown ?none you say ..then there is no place for doubts 🙂

  6. Yours is the best efficiency for cost because you haven't tested the HLG Quantum board 135w
    yet That gave 2.05 even though you hobbled it with a thick piece pf acrylic.

  7. Hey Shane. Have you ever done a video on Meizhi lights? 1200 preferably. I think alot of people would be interested in the testing. Thanks. Love your channel


  9. Hello. Thank you for such a good video. Brilliant test! Do you know where one could purchase Fluence Spydrx in Europe? I've noticed OSRAM made different models, where some need CO2 intake. What is the major difference? Is it the levels of PPF that are too high and require CO2 for proper plant growth development? Thank you again

  10. Sorry but I go by Lumens and UV. Lumens is what most go by considering it's on every light on the market. The ppff whatever, what even is it anyway? Wouldn't Lumen and UV be enough to explain the lighting? Just wondering.

  11. thanks for your honest analysis and trying to find a common way to measure these lights for efficiency. I find that lights with many leds driven at 1 watt or less give the best results, do you have similar findings?

  12. I don't think anyone here can explain the difference in efficiency between a 1.25 light and 1.50 . Does that mean $.10 more a hour for electricity ? What light is the best for lumens which actually grow the plant and what spectrum is best. The Optic1 is high on the charts but it's never going to beat my Optic 2 which is in the middle!

  13. Very surprised and confused as to why no ChilLed. Some real surprises here for sure. Thanks for the info,as long ago as it was. Lol.✌️

  14. now the hlg r spec would be awesome, I bet it is the top dog. Love you're honesty man, hope you sell a ton of light's..🍻

  15. Great video! I’ve been running HLG for a bit now but just got the Optic 1. Just an incredible light. The output at just 54 watts is just bonkers! Can’t wait to see what these companies come out with in the future!

  16. wood u help me get ur cchiops lummy chips i no not speld right but lmk i think u seid ther not LUMINUS 22 l;mk what thy rrrrrr

  17. I dislike this video I think this is a bad representation of the light spectrum and par..even the kind k5 has a higher par than a gavita

  18. I'm not sure that this video takes into account the fact that you can get LED and fluorescent lighting right up close to the plants. If these tests were all done at a height of 2 foot (for example), the results are not true to what they would be if u were using the lights.

    In addition, if you're completely ignoring spectrum then you will get stupid results which suggest an Ikea seedling bulb is a better bulb to grow with than 600w led

  19. So much snake oil in the grow lamp biz, biggest problem is the commercial growers who know exactly what the best units are won’t share the information for competitive purposes.

  20. Would be nice if we could get a best bang for your buck type video.

    Also i would love to see you check out the citizen 048 and 058

  21. can you please review crecer grow light? I think I may have calculated it wrong or these lights are just on a whole other level, has an efficiency output of 2.5

  22. Lets see how my beloved Horticulture Lighting Group does..

    I use 8 quantum boards in 3 fixtures. 1×4 and 2×2..

    At 600 watts and 280 watts X2. For a total of 1260 watts of Samsung quantum boards..

    So lets hear how bad they are…..

  23. Excellent video !!! Thank you very helpful I may name my first designed strain after you I am so greatful.

  24. What do you grow with your lights ?? Just curious ?? I bought my self a cheap set up with the intent to grow little weed for my self but not doing that till I’m back in Canada so for not I’m growing sunflowers , maple trees and coleus plants

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