The Benefits of CBD Oil | Mastering Sleep & Stress | Devin Burke: KKP 15

You can 10x your keto results by prioritizing your sleep; learn more in this interview with Devin Burke. ▸ [FREE] E-BOOK: “The Keto Kickstart Guide: 4 Steps to …


  1. 1. When people are exposed to sunlight or very bright artificial light in the morning, their nocturnal melatonin production occurs sooner, and they enter into sleep more easily at night.
    2. A brisk walk in the evening (and some magnesium) helps you relax and fall to sleep.

  2. Diggin it, this is what i try and explain to people at work with stress and rest, and its always the word "but". But this, but that. "But" is not important js.. Good points, and loving your channel Ben keep it up👍

  3. Great dialougue and talk .. i like your bonus way in meeting with other experts in your channel 🌹🌹 in fact i fell asleep sooo fast as soon as i put my head on a pillow but the wrong is in me taking sleep early benefits for granted .. i force myself to be alert for more hours at night to enjoy other things than sleep itself .. i think it is time now to modify my daily routine so i can buried myself in bed earlier… thank you and take care🌹

  4. Wow this is so true!!
    One day I was so stressed that I was worried about not being able to sleep so I took a sleeping pill and felled sleep almost right away. The problem was that I was dreaming I had insomnia and couldn’t sleep so next morning when I woke up I was still really tired 😓


  5. Always been taught that people that need over six hours sleep are 'lazy.' Got my eight in last night and have focused on getting good sleep since going Keto around May. I get more done work-wise, more focus and energy. Sleep is now #1.

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