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  2. God is our protection and to die is to be with the father for those who are saved by Jesus Christ. Rejoice in aging because it means your that much closer to the father. Jesus is the way. The only way. Beleive on him that you may have life. Die to self ,die to self will and pick up the cross the cross Jesus took for you and LIVE. He was born of a virgin died a sinners death yet he knew no sin and was raised from the grave by God that whoever beleived in him shall NOT perish. Repent (turn away from sin. Give it up stop willful sin and evil) and beleive in Jesus Christ . If You have a roof over your head, food on your table and a friend in Jesus that my friend is a good day. If you have Jesus ONLY you have EVERYTHING you need and so so so much more!!!!!!!.He is the ONLY way there are no other ways!!! Iran needs Jesus they are full of hate. People are not the enemy we war against powers and principalities in high places. We dont fight with flesh or weapons of flesh but in the spirit! The things of God are spiritual but they change the physical as well. Prat for those who persecute you. Live them anyway and disarm the enemy with the WORD of God. Your shield is FAITH IN JESUS.

  3. His intro is well out of order who does he think he is ?! There’s only one king of army’s and his name is Jesus Christ

  4. I heard just the other day that those that suffer with depression can be negatively affected by the drugs they take which can cause these shootings

  5. Wow Joel osteen 🤦‍♂️ he's a itchy ear preacher his prayers have no power cause he's a false prophet…

  6. Last bad sunburn I got, very red and painful, I rubbed aloe Vera gel on it, the redness and pain left, I didn't even PEEL! That's the cure for sunburn!

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